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Community Manager

With the new SCN platform I get a lot of questions about where is the CSS and how do I continue to submit articles and Media via the CSS.

The answer is simple the system hasn’t moved and continue to give the same service as before with one significant difference: we now accept only SAP submissions and the community will submit their articles directly in the respective spaces by creating what we call Jive docs.

This change will help us a lot with the review process as the official SAP submissions will continue to be published in SAP format with SAP copyright and in a PDF format. The community however will be able to publish their documents without the wait for the review we used in the old site.

The reason for that is to have the community give feedback as part of the site move to a more community oriented platform while the SAP documents continue in their old format.

The link to the CSS has remained as is: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/contentsubmission and we are looking forward for your active contribution to the system.


* in reply to the two first comments below please try the following:

login and when you are log in paste the link in a new tab. it worked for me and it should work for you as it's a login issue.