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I wrote a similar blog before.   However, since I've written on the flip side "what is still wrong with the SAP Community".  I figured it might be fun to write this one as well.   MMMMmmmm  I wonder if I'll get as many comments?

Again the fun disclaimer:  It's my opinion, and not that of the sap champions.  This is not about the technical improvements, but there is some relation between the two.

What community means to me - in general this community is about SAP "Stuff".  That means any language any skill level.  But it comes down to the people.  Those who read things from the community.  Those who actively participate.  When I thought about it, what kind of community did I want?  One in which only a very technical group of people are writing / sharing?  Or one that all groups are included in.  I am a rank amateur in some of the languages here.  So does that mean that there may be others that are rank armature in ABAP?  (It was pointed out to me that the answer is yes)

What are "they"  really what are "we" doing right?

A diverse group of people.  An example is this person writes beginning  ABAP/SAP blog posts.  Some of the things that you may know, some of them you might not know.   These blog posts are easier to find because they are new.

One of the examples of his blog posts:

What you do when in SAP you cannot enter the transaction code as the command bar or OK code is missi...

Tutorials!  Yes, I'm all about free, and I go to Open SAP a lot; however, this is about community things that are out there.   These tutorials will walk you step by step on how to do "things.  For example:

Create an extension for SAP WebIde

Events! One of the many events is a virtual community tour.  I'm actually giving one of the many tours.  So be ready for me in October!  Guess what?  I'll write a blog post on it.

Technical blogs - yes a few need fixed - but what about all the new technology that can be used with SAP.  Those are technical too.

Develop a Python App...

I need these badly.  I read them for tips about languages that I don't know.

And there is so many more things that the community.  Yes, community.  That means you and I are doing well.

So I mentioned some high level things that we all do right.  What have you found - fun, interesting, learning..  Well just anything on the community?

FYI - one of the many things I love is interacting with our community via blog posts.  Large hint for some replies.
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