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Updated July 1, 2013 -- See bottom of blog

Last year we introduced the Popular Content Widget in SCN to help expose some great content that is getting positive feedback from the community with views, likes, shares, ratings, etc.  After some experience with the widget, we’re not so happy with the performance of how that’s working.  In practice, the widget is not showing the best content.

So… we’re trying something new.  We are piloting the use of the “Top Liked Content” widget.  And so far we “like” how it works.

  • It’s been showing some great content that has lots of views, social shares, and lots of comments / discussion on the topic. 
  • It seems to also be showing some of the fresher content in the community and in spaces – bringing to light some of the interesting recent topics.
  • We also expect that , as members become more aware that likes drive content to these widgets, we’ll start to see more use of the SCN Like button (right) to help promote content that members think is really valuable and worth showing to the community.

We’re piloting the widget in the following spaces:

There are some parameters that are adjustable, so we currently are using these parameters for the pilot:

  • Duration:  Options are Today, Last Week, and Last Month.  On the homepage, because it’s covering such a wide range of content, we are showing only the content that has received the most SCN Likes over the last week.  However, in all the subspaces, we are showing content with the most likes for the last month.
  • Number of Items:  We’re currently showing 6 items for most widgets.  10 in the About SCN space.
  • Content types:  For the most part we’re showing only blogs and documents and not showing discussions, polls, etc.

We started piloting last week and then will soon deploy to all spaces.  Let us know your thoughts and input!


UPDATE July 1, 2013

We just went live over the weekend in all major spaces.  Now's your chance to give great content a boost by using the SCN "Like" button!

"Like" great content and see it on topic overview pages -- and maybe even the SCN Homepage!

Tell us what you think -- do you like the new widgets?


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