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Disclaimer: This blog post is my opinion of what needs to happen. Not linked to any organization. And not linked to the SAP Champions program.  Just linked to me!

Disclaimer 2: This article doesn't cover the technical fixes to the platform. Never fear there are many people working on that.

I'm a SAP Champion. So I like to hear everyone's side of things. So feel free if you to comment if you think I'm missing something or I'm totally wrong. That happens.  By the way, I felt that way before I was a champion as well.

So here is my wish list:

  1. We still need technical blogs and technical people in order to build trust.

  2. We need to convince some people to come back. There are a lot of really technical people that have been absent lately.

  3. We need to take advantage of WIKIs.

  4. We need more people's ideas on what the content on the platform is still needed. Again not technical - sorry - I can't help with that.

  5. We need people like you to find a Champion, write a blog post, or think of other ideas to make our SAP Community better. And just thinking it isn't enough.  You need to do one of the above - Champion, blog post, Linkedin, twitter, just get it out there somewhere.  In the community is of course the best place.  I did write a blog post that refers to what you can do.

And now you are thinking, Michelle, you are crazy. No one listens. They are hearing you. However, one or more voices that represent you should help. All the champions are willing to give you a greater voice. Again Non-technical in the platform - we can't do a lot about that. Just know they are fixing things.

So I leave you with some thoughts. If you read a blog that doesn't sound right in the community, be kind, but leave feedback via comments. If it is completely wrong, see nice and try to suggest were the issues are in the blog post. You might want to alert a moderator.  But give the blogger a chance to fix the blog.  Also remember that many customers are not on the most current version of SAP. So those blogs that you think are worthless to you, might really help someone who is in a lower version than you.

The community has a lot going for it.  I did write a blog post on that topic.

The SAP Community is unique.  The thing that makes it truly great is you.  Yes, you, the ones who are reading blogs, showing interest, commenting, blogging, answering questions, and a whole lot more.


This is cross posted in Linkedin.