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Hi Sap Community!

I'm María Eugenia Sarmiento, I'm from Peru (I'm sure you've heard of my country during the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 and especially of our fans. We're nominated for FIFA's Fan Award Category). Can you believe it? 🙂

Ok, let's get back to the objective of the post 😉 . I am excited to be able to go to SAP TechEd event in Las Vegas because there is no better way to learn and to know what's new in SAP than being in that event. As I read in the SAP profile on Linkedin: "Knowledge is not just power, it is potential". I consider myself a person with a lot of potential and show of that I have been selected in the company where I work, to be part of the Fenix ​​project. This project is the biggest technological transformation in the history of Alicorp (the largest company of consumer products in Peru with operations in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and other countries in Latin America). After more than 20 years operating the processes with SAP, we will start the implementation of SAP/4HANA. So, I want to attend SAP TechEd Event to connect with people from all over the world who are already using it and ask them face-to-face their experience with this new version of SAP. I would like to hear the main challenges they had at the time of implementation. I have read very good comments about SAP/4HANA, but unfortunately in Peru there are not much companies that use it, that is why I consider the globality of this event very important for me.  The best opportunity to learn and learn from the best!

The implementation of SAP/4HANA is a great challenge in my professional career and I am really excited about that. I know it will be a challenge that will require a lot of effort (I will be dedicated to the project in full time during the next months), but I think the final result will be  excellent and we will save a lot of time and resources, we will have the information in real time and we can dedicate  to a best analysis of big data. For example, I know that the SAP Fiore UX experience is a great tool that will allow me to see in real time the global position of the company from my cellphone. Wonderful! I can not wait for the opportunity to be in Las Vegas and learn more about SAP/4HANA and all the advantages it has!

I'm sure SAP TechEd event could be a huge step in my career and the perfect opportunity to learn more about SAP/4HANA.

Finally, it would be an honor for me to represent the women of Peru in this event.

I really want to win this scholarship! So, see you in Las Vegas?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

María Eugenia



#Sap #Peru  #WomenTech


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