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In late February I shared the launch of an important program for our community, and I committed to communicate transparently throughout the project, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Since then we have achieved some solid results:

·       Established a beta site that includes blogging, moderation and Q&A.

·       Included 25 community members (customers, partners, developers and SAP employees) as active participants in the beta.

·       Developed a custom aggregator that connects blogs, moderation, and Q&A to support the future reputation program.

·       Created the first version of the new user profile.

We also kept our promise to keep you informed.

·       Since February we’ve provided a total of 19 blogs that have been viewed 61,000 times.

·       We launched the “In the Know” mission, which 2000 of you have completed, alerting you to all new project communications.

·       We conducted a roadshow with more than 300 stakeholders, sharing the latest updates.

In the spirit of telling it like it is, we have decided that we will not launch the new community in November. The reasons for this are simple:

  1. SAP runs SAP. We have already concluded that we will use SAP Relay for direct messaging. We are now exploring the latest releases of SAP Gamification Service and SAP Jam Communities to be part of the platform.
  2. Minimum viable product – While we’ve delivered a lot of great functionality in beta, we agree with our Strategic Advisory Council that we don’t have enough to enhance what we have today. The community is far too important for us to launch anything less than an improvement.

So what is the new go live date? We are in discussions on that topic right now, and should have a decision by the end of November. Once we agree on that date, we will share it with you, here on SCN.

We are committed to delivering an improved community experience as quickly as possible, and when we put the needs of our customers and community first, this is the right decision.

Please continue to watch for updates. If you complete the “In the Know” mission, you will have access to all relevant communications collected in a single place.

I’m excited about the work that I’ve seen so far, and even more excited about bringing a best-in-breed, industry-leading community to youin the near future!