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Former Member

When the New SCN was first released, I remember it was in Beta, and I had a lot of understanding. And over the last (nearly) 2 years since the release, it has slowly become more usable. I eventually got around to re-sorting my blogs, curating my profile, and I've recently started to create content again, after a long hiatus.

In the last few weeks, we've had a major step back. Please, could we have some focus to get SCN fixed once and for all. The community will love you for it, and usage will increase.

1) Constant client-certificate popups.

SCN no longer logs me in automatically and I get constant pop-ups.

dj.adams gets this right! Why do we need client certificates at all for a public website? Plus, Safari has broken client certificate support for the last 5 years and that seems unlikely to ever get fixed. Just disable them.

2) Constant error messages

I just had to use 2 computers and 4 browsers to post a blog. It saved, instead of published, each time. Want to leave a comment on a blog? No chance.

From what I heard... SAP paid Jive Software for this user experience...

3) Ghost messages on iPhone

I keep getting spammed with comments on my blogs and posts that when I open them on the iPhone, don't seem to exist.

Updates to SCN

tammy.powlas points out that there is an update to SCN coming this weekend. I don't see any acknowledgment though that the basic platform is still broken two years on. Please... let's go back to basics and fix login and content creation. We don't need any new features until that's done! All the rest is nice-to-have!

Rant over.

Addendum - 24h later

I just wanted to add two quick points.

First, a thank you to the SCN team because they have clearly worked hard in the last 24 hours and experience is much better. Login problems aren't as bad and the constant errors appear to have gone (hope I didn't speak too soon).

Second, I want to call out all the people in the center of the community. SAP Mentors, Moderators and SCN lifers. There are a lot of people who became friends with the core team and feed bad by criticizing it. We are complicit in the bad digital user experience which we have come to accept. If this was Google or Facebook then we wouldn't accept this user experience and you would take to to the rooftops to shout about it. Our constructive criticism is what makes things better and if you got too close and friendly and comfortable to continue to do that, then you no longer add the value that you used to.