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Instead of watching the Golden Globes Award ceremony tonight, and placing bets on the contenders for the upcoming Oscars, I am writing this blog. See how dedicated I am to my readers 😉

Some of you have waited for this announcement and I apologize that I could not write sooner. My first week back in the office was filled with many things, and left no time for blogging. I hope to do better the rest of 2011, and blog more often and more timely.


Without further ado, these are the SCN members who where the top 3 contributors in their area of expertise in 2010:


ABAP Development:
Vinod Kumar
Suhas Saha
Business Information Warehouse:
Vikram Srivastava
Surendra Reddy
SAP BusinessObjects:
Ingo Hilgefort
Shawn Penner
Joanna Denford
Business One:
János Nagy
Business Process Expert:
nilanjan chatterjee
Jon Reed
Sorin Radulescu
Business Process Management:
Rick Bakker
Arafat Farooqui
Pavan Bhamidipati
Business Solutions:
Narasimhan Venugopal
Pete Atkin
Mohamed Rafi
Business Standards:
Clinton Jones
Andrew LeBlanc
Tianzhen Bai
ke hongqiang
Crystal Reports and Xcelsius:
Ludek Uher
Don Williams
Carl Sopchak
Customer Relationship Management:
Arun Prakash Karuppanan
Harshit Kumar
Arun Kumar
Databases and OS Platforms:
Markus Doehr
Lars Breddemann
Eric Brunelle
Clinton Jones
Jennifer Walsh
Omer Steinmetz
Enterprise Portal:
Tobias Hofmann
Koti Reddy Chimalamarri
Aviad Rivlin
Enterprise Resource Planning:
Senthil Mareeswaran
Sanil Vadke
Exchange Infrastructure:
abhishek salvi
Stefan Grube
Ajay Maheshwari
Eli Klovski
Christian Ortner
Wilian Segatto
Marilyn Pratt
Craig Cmehil
Human Resource Management:
Siddharth Rajora
Dilek Ersoz Adak
Eli Klovski
Olivia Walsh
William Eastman
Knowledge Management:
Tobias Trapp
Kenneth Schieffer
Raghavendranath Garlapati
Logistics Material Management:
Jürgen L.
Jeyakanthan A
Antony Vijay
Master Data Management:
Mandeep Singh Saini
Markus Ganser
Shiv Prashant Dixit
Mobile Infrastructure:
Kevin Benedict
Liji J Kunnath
Steffen Schwark
Portuguese (Brazil):
Fernando Ros
Henrique Pinto
Eduardo Chagas
Product Lifecycle Management:
kolla pushpa
keerthi vasan
Anuj Parashar
SAP NetWeaver Application Server:
Nils Buerckel
Sunny Pahuja
Markus Doehr
SAP NetWeaver Platform:
Juan Reyes
Cay Rademann
Thomas Jung
SAP Solution Manager:
Mateus Pedroso
Volker von Gloeden
Rajeev P
SAP xApps:
Pushkar Patil
Dipankar Saha
Stefan Schwing
Gourav Khare
Trevor Naidoo
Tobias Trapp
Sales and Distribution:
J Prakash
Reazuddin MD
Scripting Languages:
Romaric Sokhan
Harald Boeing
Helmut Tammen
Julius Bussche
Martin Voros
Bernhard Hochreiter
Eduardo Rezende
William Leonardo Neira
Rafael Barco
Supplier Relationship Management:
muthu govinda
Virender Singh
Supply Chain Management:
Jiaul Haque
Senthil Mareeswaran
Jim Spath
Cory Coley-Christakos
Jim Spath
Otto Gold
Rui Nogueira
University Alliances:
Paul Hawking
Sze Luan Pang
Dennis Howlett
Web Dynpro:
Thomas Jung
Jochen Guertler
Chris Paine
Web Services:
Robert Horne
Florian Urmetzer
Forrest Hu


Congratulations everyone! We may "just" be talking about points here, but your contributions enlightened your fellow community members last year, I'm sure.

You will soon receive the official certificate that we send to all Topic Leaders every year.


Remember to check out the 2009-2010 Topic Leaders too:

Earlier in 2010 I announced the Congratulations to the current Topic Leaders (2009-2010) just in time for SAP TechEd. This was the old "contest period" that Craig Cmehil introduced a couple of years ago, running from early August to end of July the following year. Make sure you check out who these people are! They will also get a certificate from me soon, they deserve it.


The contest period:

On SCN, you get recognition for points you get along the way, and your content of quality is sometimes highlighted in blogs or on the home pages of the site. There is also this little star, the Active Contributor badge, that recognizes different levels of contributions on SCN.

Active Contributor recognition was recently changed from an annual period to a 12-month rolling period, as I recently explained in a Active Contributor Status: A 12-month rolling period. To make things consistent and easier, and because there are now less reasons to look at achievements over a calendar year period, my suggestion would be to get back to the "old" contest period, i.e. every year in August we look back at the last 12 months, August-July period, and highlight the Topic Leaders of all SCN categories. It makes sense to do this just before the TechEd season starts. After all, TechEd is THE place where the Community meets, and where I have the chance to meet Topic Leaders too 🙂 So let me know what you think by commenting on this blog, I'll be listening!


The benefits:

Additional recognition and certificates are one thing, but I know that most of you are waiting for something more tangible, something valuable in your daily activities. I don't have anything to announce yet, and I know you've been waiting a while, but as I look to improve the recognition program this year, I'll be working with the community and my new manager Jeanne Carboni to bring something new to Topic Leaders. Thank you for your patience.


Wishing everyone a happy, successful new year!