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Here at SAP we’re excited about our in-memory database technology – SAP HANA. Take a few minutes to view the top 5 HANA video’s on the SAP YouTube channel and be sure to check out the remaining videos on the HANA Playlist as well or visit the Database & Technology YouTube channel.

SAP HANA – Transforming Business Systems

Take a look at how your business systems manage your data today and learn how they can manage it better with SAP HANA.

Combine the power of SAP HANA and SAP Custom Development

Learn how your business can benefit from combining the power of SAP HANA with SAP Custom Development.

Intel: SAP HANA is “Game-Changing”

Hear Intel discuss how their massive data growth will be achieved using SAP in-memory technology.

SAP Smart Meter Analytics, Powered by SAP HANA

See how this new application, built on SAP HANA, enables utility companies to turn massive amounts of smart meter data into powerful insights and actions.

Steve Lucas talks about SAP’s Database Roadmap

Learn from SAP’s Steve Lucas how SAP is delivering on its innovation road map to help transform the database market.

For more information on SAP HANA please visit http://www.experiencesaphana.com/welcome and remember to keep watching our videos!