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Today's SAP Mentor Monday webcast

boobboo, our host, reminded everyone that SAP Mentor nominations are open, and look at the Mentor Magic foundation, give back to community

Chris mentioned 6 SAP Inside Tracks before SAP TechEd Las Vegas.

The AWS Cloud can help you move faster, operate more securely, and save substantial costs; all while benefitting from the scale and performance of the cloud. We’ll provide a general overview of Amazon’s cloud architecture, cover AWS services that are certified for SAP workloads (including SAP HANA) and touch on high-availability and disaster recovery scenarios.

Presenter: Martin Tegtmeier, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Source: AWS

Martin is involved in SAP certifications on AWS and other things

Source: AWS

Why build cloud services?  Traditional IT is hard

Purchase server up front, pay it, not using to capacity

Source: AWS

Provision in hours

Provision temporary infrastructures for proof of concept

Only take a few seconds to deploy

Pay as you go

Chris said "Using the Quick start stuff - you can have a full HANA system in 1hr, 30mins of which is the software download"

Source: AWS

Size for what you need

As server grows, your server grows as you need

Source: AWS

Virtual servers hosted in cloud

Announced 62nd price reduction 2 weeks ago

Never had a price increase over the past 11 years

Same operating system as on-premise

Bring your own license flavor is available

Source: AWS

EC2 is secure

Source: AWS

You inherit these certifications when using AWS

Source: AWS

Where is my data located?  Multiple availability zones.  You choose the region of choice

Special AWS account to deploy to "gov" clouds

Insulated from failures in other areas

Redundant power, connectivity

Lots of regions means global reach

Green circles means plans in 6 months

No current plans for Africa/Middle East; based on demand

Source: AWS

SAP notes are shown above

If you clone system, new system ID and new hardware key, invalidate license

Source: AWS

AWS credits - some PoC for TB instances

Chris said:
I have to say, AWS has the biggest library of White papers - although they have been doing it the longest


Source: AWS

SAP EC2 certified instances are shown above

Source: AWS

Think of the above as "hard disks" attached to your EC2 instance

Source: AWS

IP address, host names, - deploys SAP HANA appliance

Quick start deployment meets all KPI's that SAP has put in place

Can be used for production workloads

Source: AWS

Reduce your bill; dashboard keeps track of your usage

Worth looking at trusted advisor to save money

Source: AWS

Cloud Watch monitors data

Cloud Trail - complete documentation of all changes of AWS infrastructure; on-premise you cannot guarantee this.  Cloud trail is the "full audit trail" of changes



Source: AWS

You can use SAP CAL to deploy

AWS does not sell SAP licenses

Source: AWS

Integrated to SAP Support queues

Your responsibility to patch the system

See Amazon Partner Network to help you manage AWS deployed SAP enviornment

Look at SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for an offering for AWS

Source: AWS

High availability and disaster recovery available

Enable auto recovery, do that instantly


Serves over 1 million active accounts

Growing 50-60% year over year




Question about SAP Cloud Platform - Chris supplied this:  http://diginomica.com/2017/05/14/sap-cloud-platform-the-multi-cloud-almost-realized-a-sapphirenow-20...

Moya Watson added "SAP Cloud Platform can already spin up an instance on AWS via Cloud Foundry" and "AP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry will spin up on AWS in Europe and in US East. in US West, it's currently Azure (beta)"

Q: So if we (in Seattle) were to sign up for SCP now, it would be on Azure and in beta? Or does the beta designation mean it would be on SAP's own infrastructure?

A:  if you want to use the cloud foundry environment, yes --

Q: Which hypervisor is used?

A: Amazon uses its own

Q: Is there a list with in build security features for i.e. internet SAP systems? (DDos Services etc, )

A: Yes there is; contact Security SA

Q: I got a little confused about adding memory to an existing instance. First it sounded like there's a need to restart the instance, and have some downtime (admittedly just a few minutes). But then I thought I heard that it can be done without taking the instance down. Is that because of utilizing a failover scenario? Or did I misunderstand?

A: it needs HANA downtime, not ABAP downtime - but most Basis people will bring ABAP down to save on the reporting the System log