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Community Manager
SAP Community events run the gamut from loosely organized, general get-togethers of like-minded community members (SAP Stammtisch) to full-day, highly organized, mini-conferences (SAP Inside Track, or SIT).

Until now, we have recognized only one SAP Community event type, the SAP Inside Track. As anyone who has attended a SIT can attest, the folks who organize, speak at, or volunteer at a SIT do a lot of work to earn those badges! (Here is just one account of a recent Inside Track, to give you a feeling of what they’re like if you haven’t attended one yet: #SAP Inside Track, Walldorf 2019 – Experiences, Learnings and Reflections – #sitWDF)

If you organize, speak at, or volunteer for a SIT in 2019, you earn one of these:

But community members, whether SAP employees or external to SAP, work hard to put together the other community events too. So today, we are launching more event-related missions and badges, to recognize the efforts and dedication of the folks who support those events as well.

Starting now, badges are available for:

Being a topic expert for an SAP CodeJam in 2019
Hosting an SAP CodeJam in 2019
Organizing an SAP Stammtisch in 2019
Organizing an ABAP event such as ABAP Code Retreat or abapGit BunKai in 2019
Speaking at an ABAP event such as ABAP Code Retreat or abapGit BunKai in 2019
Facilitating an ABAP event such as ABAP Code Retreat or abapGit BunKai in 2019

To learn more about SAP Community events, see the Events page. There you will also see which events are coming up in the next months.

And if you want to help out at an event and earn one of these badges, visit these pages to learn more about the format for each type of event:

SAP Inside Track
SAP CodeJam
SAP Stammtisch
ABAP CodeRetreat
abapGit BunKai

To learn more about missions and badges, see the Missions and Badges overview page.