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This document has been created off the back of a blog post about contributing on SCN.  The aim is to provide a list of ideas to help new (or existing) SCN contributors with ideas of the sorts of things they could create.

Feel free to edit this document* and add your own ideas, but please try to add them to the existing sections and make them as generic as possible.  It isn't a wish list of things you wish someone would write, but just something to help people with contributor's block get some inspiration.

The sections are:

  1. Blogs Posts
  2. Discussions
  3. Polls*
  4. Wiki Pages
  5. Documents
  6. Idea Place
  7. Status Updates
  9. General

* Poll creation is now restricted to moderators only - so please contact a moderator for a space to create one.

1. Blogs Posts

  • What you learned on a training course.
  • Where you would like to see product X developed in the next few years.
  • A personal review of a conference or other event.
  • Thoughts on SAP products and road maps.
  • Your opinion on a piece of news.
  • A piece of good practice and how you came to identify it as such.
  • A piece of bad practice (which at first seemed good practice) and how you discovered why it isn't good practice.
  • An approach to a piece of work and a review of worked well and what did not - i.e. lessons learnt.
  • A top 3/5/10 list with some explanations of what each point is about.
  • Pull together a number of disparate sources and combine them to identify new approaches or insights into an issue or scenario.
  • An interview with someone about their experiences with a technology or area.
  • Describe a challenge for a competition.
  • Take a point of discussion (see 2 below) and do a deep dive into it.

2. Discussions

  • Ask a technical question you've always wanted to know the answer to (after first searching and making sure it hasn't already been asked).
  • Ask for people's opinions on a topic.
  • Organise putting on an event.
  • Collaborate on pulling together a range of opinions and experiences to create a piece of content.
  • Ask for input on how to best position a product to a client or user base.
  • Get suggestions for a presentation, training course, meeting (e.g. user group) or workshop.
  • Briefly share an experience and request advice.
  • Ask for advice on something you're about to undertake.

3. Polls

  • Gauge if there is enough interest to warrant doing something.
  • Find out people's preference about something.
  • Discover how or why people are choosing to do a certain activity.

4. Wiki Pages

  • Describe a product feature.
  • Outline a process.
    • How-to install something.
    • How-to configure something.
    • How-to uninstall something.
    • How-to upgrade something.
    • How-to report or request something.
    • How-to create something.
  • Create an FAQ on a product.
  • Explain solution suites and components.
  • Document a history of a product or feature set.
  • Specify technical/functional pre-requisites for a product/process/solution.

5. Documents

  • Create a template for something.
    • Capturing configuration information.
    • Process mapping.
    • Posts in a particular blog series.
  • Write a white-paper like article.
  • List useful information or resources.
  • Specify factual information about a topic or product.
  • Case studies.
  • Diagrams.
  • Define good practice.
  • Publishing information from an event.
    • Summary notes of discussions.
    • Presentation slides and notes.
  • Set out some rules for something - e.g. a space.

6. Idea Place

  • Describe a product feature you would like to see added.
  • Describe a product feature you would like to see removed.
  • Describe an improvement to an existing product feature.
  • Describe a new product you would like to see created.
  • Suggest a new space or a new feature for SCN.

7. Status Updates

  • Tell people when you've written a new document or blog post.
  • Tell people when you've discovered an interesting piece of content (internal or external to SCN).
  • Announce that you have attained a new qualification/status/job/award.
  • Highlight a new product or event that interests you and/or your followers.
  • Wish everyone well around holiday periods.
  • Share a quick tip.


  • Offer an alternate view.
  • Describe what and why you particularly liked something someone said.
  • Answer a question.
  • Expand on points made or comments made within the blog/document/discussion.
  • Offer additional information that compliments the blog/document/discussion.
  • Suggest someone who may be able to help (using an @ include).
  • Support one side's views in an active debate by explaining what points are key for you and why.

9. General

  • Write about something you've discovered.
  • Explain something in a new way.
  • Brain dump your thoughts.
  • Talk about things that interest and excite you.
  • Be honest about what you know and leverage that first in answering any questions.
  • Share things that are new, innovative, or that you simply find interesting ... after all if you do it is likely someone else will too.

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