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Knowing when you need a CTO for your Startup is crucial especially in the nascent growth stages.

Having a technical co-founder is not always possible for most of the entrepreneurs, that’s why they choose to hire the virtual CTOs to outsource their CTO on Demand.

Timing to bring one onboard is essential, but what more important is who you are bringing onboard.

Here I compiled some of the best advice on hiring a virtual CTO / technical consultant or bringing in a full-time CTO.

If you are not a technical guy. Hire a technical consultant, who can take on the tech side of your startup single-handedly. And then help you measure the technical abilities of the person you are looking to hire full time.

1. Look for Strong Engineering Background

Your prospect CTO should know and understand the full stack that they are going to be working with. They can’t rely on the employees below them for a technology that they don’t have a clue about. They should have at least a basic working knowledge of the stack that your organization is working in.

2. Their Work Experience

Look at their experience based on the previous organization they have worked with. How well those organizations did under his/her technology guidance. And how they contributed themselves to that organization's growth trajectory.

3. Their Network

Their network is equally important as their skills. See how big their network is, how well networked they are with their peers. That’s always a sign of great CTO leader. Because if they are networked well in their previous organization, their staff will follow them to the next organization based on their past experiences that they’ve had. “Because you know that technical jobs are one of the hardest jobs to fill these days.”

4. Analyse their Work Philosophy

Make sure they have the practical philosophy towards their job. They should understand the commercial impact of what they are doing, how their built product will fit into the market and complement their commercial strategy. In all, he/she should understand the high-level impact of what they are doing.

5. Ensure they Understand the Evolution of Tech

Ensure they have the eye to track the evolution coming in tech down the line and how that evolution can impact the organization in the long run.

6. Communication Skills

Last but obviously not the least, you will always need an excellent communicator in your CTO. You never know when you will need him to bring with you may be on an investment funding pitch.