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Hi Community!

My name is Marco Matjes. I live in Hamburg near the Hamburg-Horn Racecourse where the famous horse race Deutsches Derby takes place since 1869.

Some years ago I started coding a virtual horse racing simulator in Microsoft Excel VBA with lots of races, tons of options, hidden features and some winks at SAP 🙂

Over the years, some public virtual charity races were organized to raise money for deprived and sick children. All races are streamed live, and since January 2020 they are commented by me in real-time.

Watch the video of the SAP Community Race 2021, live commented (in German) which is my contribution for the SAP Community 2021 Talent Show. Have fun!

I am excited about your comments. If you like this blog post, please give it a like 😉

See you soon on the virtual race track!


Update 30 October 2021:
Feel free to download a special GaloppSim SAP Community Edition with the SAP Community Race 2021 and heaps of features including Focused Run camera work, RSMon Race Speed Monitor and betting on horses 