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We are really happy to announce that the old SCN Download Catalog has been moved to its own space in the SAP Store. In this new space, each package will be searchable. We initiated the migration project more than three years ago because the platform was old and unstable, the server was difficult to access and to maintain. Now we can offer a better user experience and we’ll be able to do a tracking for downloads.

How to find a Download Package

Please go to the Software Downloads space on SCN and use the Software Download Search to look for your download package.You can also search for your download package directly on the SAP Store using it's search functionality.

How to download a package

The SCN Download Catalog on the SAP Store offers a modern design and a clear catalog structure. The first catalog page indicates the package name and version, how it is rated and a short description of the download package. The free download packages are marked accordingly.

When clicking on the download button (Get it now), a pop-up opens.To get the download you need to fill in your credentials and to accept the SAP authorization as the Terms and Conditions by marking the corresponding check fields.

Having done this the download link will be provided to you via an email. From the catalog overview page you can get further information about the download package by opening the corresponding tabs (for example, screenshots and videos - if provided by the package owner - additional technical information, customer reviews, solution provider and related solutions displayed as small widgets).

One of the pain points and a key reason for the migration was the fact we couldn't track the number of downloads for each package. The SAP Store will enable us to see the items, views and the number of downloads for each package. These numbers will be generated and presented once a month to the stakeholders. If you are a package(s) owner, please contact us for more information.

How to upload a package
To upload a package, please send the necessary information (name of the package, version and size, technical description, documentation, screenshots and videos) about the download package to Ingvild Bayer or David Metser. Upload your package to SAP Box and send the link to Ingvild Bayer or David Metser. Your content will be checked and then published on the SAP Store and your package will be transferred to the Akamai Server.

Please contact us for any questions. We look forward to your feedback and comments.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Scott Lawley who helped us to make this happen and to Mikael Delbreus, the project manager, who drove this project.

Ingvild and Dedi