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There are less and less people here who are commenting.   They aren't asking questions.   They aren't answering questions.  There are less blogs.   A lot less fun blogs to read.    It's like a gigantic whale slowing bleeding out.   Each person that leaves is a part of the blood.


Tired of writing blogs and having no idea what to select for an SAP tag.   Tired of being interested in development and getting everything mixed up in the blogs.  Tired of being beat up for "old" technology.  SAP GUI.   Bad words.   At least ABAP isn't a bad word anymore.  Tired of links that don't work, because that question was archived.   And yes, tired of the marketing that is shamelessly out there.  I often find myself wading through it.

Losing people / High frustration

Of course see the above.   I might be wrong.  I don't have charts.   But see above.  They may still be members.   But may not be contributing members or worse members that have just changed to another forum.

Is it that the gaming system is gone?   I don't think so

Is it that we can't find what we want? YES

Is it that we end up finding it someplace else? YES - of course the archives are a good place to find things.

Is it that blogs and entire pages are devoted to promoting this or that SAP product?  YES!

Is it...   Well you the community could probably add more.

See Jelena's post

I as many people just got back from Teched.   I also listened to many conversations - even the ones I wasn't involved in.   People are frustrated.


I hope so.   Maybe we need a different URL for technical, functional and shameless marketing?

Or even if we could get to what we want quickly would be nice.

I know our mentors are looking at things.  Asking questions and trying to ask for change.   So I'm crossing my fingers that we end up with something a little better.

By the way, and obviously, I still use SAP Community.   (not SCN, not SDN) Sigh.  Just started using it again.  I was talked into it.  Mmmmm....  Maybe they could look at UX / UI in Open SAP.   To do that there would have to be a sub-set of users to work through it, not just SAP Employees.

So I hope this meets the rules and is not taken down.    What frustrates you when trying to get what you want from the SAP Community platform?