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Hello SCN Community,

being a brand new registeered user of the SCN portal, I would like to provide you with my initial impressions.

After signing on with the SAP Community Network on the 16th of July, I am finally getting the hang of browsing through the informative articles, blogs and discussions in the various categories. 

Interestingly enough I managed to join right during a time of turbulent performance problems, which has resulted in many users being booted from the site repeateadly.

From what I can tell all these issues have been addressed in the last 2 days, and my user experience has been nothing short of exceptional.

So far I have received tremendous feedback to my ongoing questions from users, and have received a very warm welcome.

If this is any indicator of what is around the corner in the not so distant future, then it is definitely a positive environment for intellectual growth and KTP's.

The new layout and badge system seem to keep individuals motivated enough to share and network at peak levels to achieve maximum results, although from what I have read thus far, not everyone is all too fond of the updates.

Considering that at 10 days in, I have just grazed the tip of the Iceberg, I look forward to the coming months and the collaborative efforts.

My main focus will be on MM, PP, SD and soon WM.

Thank you SCN Community for your support.

I believe this Community to be one of the largest international, multi-cultural think tanks that thrives on positive collaboration, and look forward to providing my share of assistance.

Best regards,