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Welcome (back) to the Coffee Corner:

Coffee Corner

SAP Community Network Coffee Corner: The official space where you can share and discuss any topic that is on your mind. A points free zone.

Of course the “new” space called Coffee Corner isn’t at all a new idea on SCN.

And while the Coffee Corner (lovingly known as CC) is a celebrated cause and a ….  cause célèbre (an issue or incident arousing widespread controversy, outside campaigning and heated public debate) , the triumph of getting it back needs to be acknowledged and those driving its return need be thanked.

But first a brief look at some history:

You can see some of the outstanding community “personas” here above that mourned its passing and evangelized its rebirth.

A shout out to anton.wenzelhuemer julius.vondembussche jelena.perfiljeva lukas.weigelt stephen.johannes erika.atencio thomas.zloch for their prodding and patience.

A special thanks go to gali.klingschneider mark.finnern jeanne.carboni  for making sure that in the middle of all the migration activities this still found precedence.

Enjoy your Java…or is that ABAP or ....the sound of cricket(s) or is that critics…..?

It’s the virtual water cooler ….and it’s yours.

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