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I'm posting this as "event information" because I'm announcing (and moderating) a new online virtual event, as mentioned by Kati Nonhebel in SAP Champions in Action. The attendees are those invited to participate, and those who will meet them on the virtual stage. This event is non-contiguous, in that you are asked to submit a video of yourself between now and, well, 29 days from when I posted this. You don't need to schedule a meet. Let's get cracking!

A few salient details were already shared in my earlier post: 29 Seconds in 29 Days Challenge Share Your SCNotties. This update includes more details worked out among myself, katarina.fischer, jerry.janda and craig.cmehil to make this more community-focused.

Rules (of engagement):

  1. Videos must be 29 seconds in length, plus or minus one second. Accuracy counts.

  2. Entries must be from an existing SAP community user, with a valid account.

  3. Posted videos may be linked from one of 3 supported sites, delineated below.

  4. If you include a music track (or there's music playing in mic range), it cannot be copyrighted material, or it is subject to take-down by the host platform, and that's no fun for anyone.

  5. Each video must include the following prop: a unicorn. This may be in the form of a hat, an article of clothing, a child's toy, or even a whiteboard drawing. Said prop must be onscreen for a minimum of one second.


Video must be uploaded and available for viewing by Midnight (GMT), January 3, 2020. That gives you 29 days from when I hit "publish."


Minor suggestions:

  1. Speak in English or another language, your choice. If not English, include either captions or other written English text. Sign language is permitted, as are on-screen dialog text boxes (like silent movies had).

  2. If you are known from the previous SCNotties campaign, we know who you are so don't need your new entry. Feel free to help others with camera work, production, editing help, and encouragement.

To submit your video clip for consideration, include a link in a comment to this post, or create your own post and share that link as a comment (include the user tag 29seconds29days). Alternatively, post on Twitter with the hashtag #29seconds29days, though there's a chance we won't see it given that platform's messaging algorithms. I will search as well as share this challenge on Twitter (I'm @jspath55 there). Alternately, send me a private message here on the SAP Community, as long as I'm following you (I will follow back anyone who follows me, in a reasonable time).

Categories eligible for recognition:

  1. Best acting

  2. Best cinematography

  3. Best screenplay

  4. Best soundtrack

Other categories may be decided later, as the whimsy falls. If there is a theme or other accomplishment worthy of note, we'll create an award on the fly. Like "most pets on screen" (not necessarily recommended or encouraged as such).

Video platforms that may be shared here:

  1. youtube.com

  2. vimeo.com

  3. dailymotion.com

The events.sap.com domain is excluded as that is for internal official publications; this challenge is a community-run effort. I'm managing this as an SAP Champion, part of the December community topic of the month. For more background on the Champions, see community.sap.com/programs/influencer-programs/champions. Needless to say, your video upload must be set to public so we can view!

Prizes: We've batted around physical and virtual swag ideas. For the moment, my promise is that each winner (and maybe a runner-up if the decision is tough) will get an updated version of the recognitions I've made in the past, some variation on the SAP slanted trapezoid logo. See the wiki page [ 30 Seconds of Recognition ] for past trophies. At physical events I gave out physical object prizes (not a piece of paper either); with this global virtual event they'll likely be virtual objects. Unless SAP gives me some Par Avion stamps.

Why 29 Seconds? Well, the legacy challenge was for community members to introduce themselves in 30 seconds, similar to an elevator pitch where you have a limited period of time to say your piece to someone. I vacillated from 30 seconds to 29 to 28, then settled on 29 as a tie-in to the "29 Days Later" film festival hosted in my hometown (link in prior post).

Tips for how to make a video: Most recent cell phones should have a video recording ability, including a timer. Shoot in landscape rather than portrait for better displays in this environment. Get a good closeup of yourself instead of being in the background. You can do a selfie if you are adept at working the controls and speaking. Be outside if you care to share your locale.

A wiki page with example videos from the past:30 Seconds of Recognition - 2011 Bollywood Edition

"What should I say?" Well, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but at a minimum, say your name and where your're from, and/or where you are. This isn't a job interview so your area of expertise in the SAP space isn't that important; your community contributions are. How long you've been a member, who you've interacted with, and what you see in the future community are good topics to consider. And shout-outs to your mentors and influencers can't hurt.

And, ... "Action!"