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We did it! The first #sitWAW is over! 🙂


When I started planning the event I thought that it would be great if we have 5 presenters and maybe 20 participants. The original plan was far exceeded 🙂

We had 11 presenters and 44 participants. I'm impressed taking into consideration that we started on Saturday at 8:30 😉

The event was really international, hosting people even from Brasil or India. Some participants and presenters traveled over 1000 km to be here 🙂 For 35 participants it was the first SIT ever.

The event would not happen without you. Actually you were the #sitWAW. Thank you! I hope you did like it too!

I would like to address my very special thanks to the presenters  annejohnson, beata_dabkowska, Katarzyna Nowak, philip_shavash, Tomasz Jankowski, michal.krawczyk2, pjaremagrzegorz.skierczynski1 , Sebastian Banas, szymon.kolaczynski, vitaliy.rudnytskiy. You made the show attractive in form and full of interesting content.

We had almost everything: product management, design and future thinking workshop, S4HANA, IoT, integration, DevOps, CHARM, Clouds Analytics, debugging and most surprising - short guide how to become a writer ;-). The event wouldn't be complete without detailed information about SAP Community.

I also would like to thank our sponsors: KMD Poland and Espresso Tutorials...

...and the organisation team from KMD Poland: Beata, Ola, Agnieszka, Michał and tomasz.dygas2 who also supported one presentation personally 🙂

Many thanks to 7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a who together with annejohnson helped me to start and plan and for all they kept me motivated to go on!


Let us meet again during the 2nd sitWAW in September 2020, Let's try with Stammtisch meetings in Warsaw. BTW, someone from participants promised to organize CodeJam still in 2019. Can't wait for official information 🙂


See you soon!