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Recently John Kleeman published a great article called Ten recommended SAP people to follow on Twitter regarding his thoughts on various SAP people who he got value from following on Twitter.  I am a big believer in the value that Twitter can bring SAP professionals and over the past year have written several articles including Five Ways Twitter will Help your SAP Career, How to find and follow SAP Content on Twitter, Value for SAP Customers to start using Twitter and Twitter and SAP - Whats in it for You.

John's article got me thinking of people that I get value from following specific to SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) which is my core area of focus.  I want to use this article to thank them as well as let you know so that you could take advantage of their knowledge and expertise as well.


Dawn Crew is the Vice President of solution management focused on HCM portfolio and oftern shares her insight and information with the SAP twitter community. If you want to hear what the VP of SAP HCM thinks then follow Dawn.

Example tweet: Excellent interview with @sapcio on the value of Twitter for SAP people & CIO's http://bit.ly/f3VeTQ


Luke Marson is a true subject matter expert in SAP visualization solutions by Nakisa and a talent management solution architect. He is one of the few certified Nakisa consultants worldwide and always has cutting edge information about Nakisa and SAP.

Example tweet: I had great fun playing with @Nakisainc OrgChart on the iPad today. The new version I also played with is even better. See it at #SAPPHIRE.


Steve Bogner is a senior SAP HCM consultant as well as owner of Insight Consulting Partners. He offers great insight on working with HR and IT leaders to achieve exceptional value through transformation of HR technology, processes and people. In addition he is one of the foremost experts in SAP Payroll.

Example tweet: Two things to dramatically simplify your payroll process, though rarely done: eliminate paper checks, and pay everyone on same frequency.


Martin Gillett is a freelance SAP HCM Consultant and SAP Mentor. He does HCM training for SAP education and has recently published a new SAP Press book called Configuring and Customizing Employee and Manager Self-Services in SAP ERP HCM. He is one of the foremost experts in ESS/MSS and CATS. You will occasionally get some tweets in French but don’t let that scare you 🙂

Example tweet: I would have love too but a) book deadline already too delayed b) Ehp5 not yet released yet > book will be updated later


Mark Ingram is a senior e-Recruiting consultant, former SAP product manager of E-Recruiting and owner of Ingram Talent. He shouldn’t be mistaken with the football player from Alabama as he is one of the foremost experts in e-Recruiting worldwide.

Example tweet: Found out Daxtra now integrate to SAP for resume parsing. My friend Kiran worked on the integration. The more parsers the merrier!


Brandon Toombs is a senior SAP HCM consultant and owner of Toombs Consulting. He has deep expertise in Performance Management, Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM) and e-Recruiting and shares his insight regularly with the twitter community.

Example tweet: There's no way to see support packs levels make up a #SAP stack w/o access solution manager. Most functional folks don't have access


Christina O’Reilly is the director of SAP HCM for North America. I can guarantee you are not going to miss an SAP HCM webinar, key conference or new SAP material on Christina’s watch.

Example tweet: Looking forward to our May 10 webinar on trends in HR Self Services hosted by Deloitte & SAP. #SAP #HCM http://bit.ly/h6hvDF


Nakisa is a leader in visual workforce management solutions offering organization and talent Management software and has a tight integration as well as partnership with SAP HCM. By following Nakisa you will be able to stay current within a key area of SAP’s Talent Management solution.

Example tweet: Register for Webinar - Ensure Clean #SAP #HCM Information You Can Bank On http://bit.ly/gRkY5c by @Nakisainc


Sherryanne Meyer – is the manager of SAP solutions at Air Products & Chemicals and the program chair for ASUG HCM.  She brings a great perspective from being an SAP HCM customer and is very activity within the ASUG user group.

Example tweet: Check out this SlideShare presentation : SAPPHIRE-ASUG ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2011 hcm ses... http://slidesha.re/hIP4q1


Prashanth Padmanabhan is director of product management in the HCM OnDemand group and also working on the cutting edge Career OnDemand Product. He used to be the global product manager for the SAP E-Learning group as well as wrote a SAP Press book called SAP Enterprise Learning. He shares great insight with the twitter community on a regular basis.

Example tweet: Journal on Distributed Development: A Trailer For Your Story http://bit.ly/hutmu9 A sneak peek into people centric design techniques we use.

What an impressive group of people, all of whom are active twitter users, and I hope you enjoy following these individuals as much as I do. I have to believe there is a group of people like this across all the functional areas of SAP and I would like to put out a challenge to SCN members to create a similar list for their area of expertise.

If you want add one more to your list of people to follow I have included my information below.


Jarret Pazahanick is a SAP HCM consultant, HR Expert Author. ASUG news contributor, SCN Moderator/blogger and managing partner of EIC Experts. He shares frequent insight about SAP and SAP Human Capital Management on twitter.

Example tweet: I see many SAP professionals that are too "busy" to stay current. They forget the "information" part of IT which is a major mistake.