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Community Manager
Community Manager
As part of the SAP Community & Influencers team, I'm always looking for ways to help members get the most out of community.sap.com. The same could be said of the entire team. Working together, we publish resources pages, make videos with tips and tricks, create tutorials, participate in events, and more -- all with the intention of educating members about the various features and benefits of the SAP Community. But I have to confess that I lack a certain perspective compared to the average member, who is using the site to gather and share knowledge crucial to his or her career. In a sense, then, I'm a facilitator of community content -- and not a typical consumer.

And that's why I'm so excited to announce the launch of a new series within our SAP Community Calls: Virtual Tour with SAP Champions. (I'm even more excited to announce officially that I've been working more behind the scenes to support this great group of people and the SAP Champions program overall -- a fact that I hope you have noticed by now...)

If you aren't familiar with the SAP Champions, there's a whole page about 'em -- and a finder that will help you connect with them as well. But if you don't feel like clicking and reading, here's a very short summary:

SAP Champions rock!

Not enough? Here's a slightly longer summary:

SAP Champions are among our top contributors, and you can often find them actively answering questions and blogging on SAP Community. That means they're community experts who are highly qualified at teaching other members about the positives of the SAP Community. And through the new Virtual Tour series, they'll be leading calls designed to do just that: helping people use their memberships to their full advantage.

We plan to hold these virtual tours the first and third Tuesdays of every month -- with a different SAP Champion leading each call. The tours themselves will always include an overview of community features, with plenty of time left for open discussion and questions. But each SAP Champion host will also spend time during his or her tour talking about a unique topic based on his or her area of expertise or unique viewpoint.

We're kicking things off on Tuesday, July 21, with one of my favorite SAP Champions and community members, 8b889d0e8e6f4ed39f6c58e35664518f, serving as host. I had the privilege of interviewing Bärbel two years ago, and I know she has plenty to teach all members -- newbies and long-timers alike!

Not to steal Bärbel's thunder -- she'll be sharing more details about her tour in the coming weeks via a separate post -- but in addition to the standard tour (demonstrating the various sections of SAP Community, taking questions, and driving open conversations to allow members to get to know each other ), she'll be talking about how getting a question answered in the community led to some very helpful additional code (which, in turn, led to a blog post).

I won't say more than that though. You'll have to wait for her post for additional info about her tour. Or, better yet, why not register for her virtual tour right now? Then you can join us (yep, I'll be there too) on July 21 at 4:00 p.m. CET/10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT and hear -- and learn! -- directly from her. You'll also have the option to join on camera -- or just stick to audio -- depending on how you wish to interact with the hosts and attendees.

While you're at it, try to keep an hour of your calendar open on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. We have more virtual tours coming, with each one promising a fresh outlook from some of the best members currently active. You won't want to miss these opportunities to listen to SAP Champions --- to discover how you can succeed with SAP Community!