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Well I recently replied to a question why is using sap.com a misused tag?   It was a question.   I just found a blog that answers the questions - so feel free to comment OR even better leave an answer on the question thread, or on the other blog!

And here is another good blog about tags!  It is about the ABAP Developer tools missing tag.

It might be that you are one of the rare wizards who use tags correctly.   If you are - feel free to respond in the comments.   How do you do it?   One answer was to spend more time looking at different options.   That was a valid answer.   I don't look at each one and analyze if it is correct or if there is something better.   I do put tags in my blog post incorrectly.   OK - VERY incorrectly.  I'm adding this one to ABAP Development as that is were I usually am.   And according to the tag rules that's bad idea.

So I'll give you some scenarios:

  1.   The community lacks empathy - tag using sap.com

  2.   A clearly ABAP question "I'm having a problem with xyz, and I have tried abc.   What do you suggest?"  - ABAP Development

  3. A FICO question.   Here's where it gets fun - don't type in FICO, do type in finance.

  4. A question about configuration probably shouldn't land in ABAP Development.   But looking at the question/answers, it usually does get an answer there.

  5. A blog about remote working.   So as the comment states below it should have been in careers.

So back to tags.   I am not a tag wizard.   I also have a limited amount of time to work on blogs and find tags.   My interest is more on the blog content than the actual tag.   I can tell you one thing, "using SAP" is not the correct tag to dump everything SAP into.   It is a tag for the community - not  SAP itself.   YES!   I know one tag.

Anyway I've blogged a lot about bringing people back to SCN.   I've also mentioned tags in a different blog.   My very personal opinion is the tags themselves are stopping people from posting.   If they can't find the tag then it must mean - we the SAP community - don't want to hear about what they want to share.  That's not true.

This is another bring them back blog.   If you don't know a tag - I will help you as much as I can.  I'm finding my posts are going to incorrect places.  But leave a comment - hopefully someone better at tags than myself will answer.  If not,  I will take some time to try to point you in the right way.   I - as a part of the community - want to hear your story, your blog, your insights.   They are important.   I love to share and I love to hear about different things.   Perhaps an ASUG meeting that brought up issues or was just cool.   Perhaps you write very little, but send us to your blog on a different site.   I'd rather the blog be here of course, but I'd still love to see it.

So there  you go my 10 cents on tags.

Oh yes, I really didn't tell you what I think of them.  But you can guess.   I honestly thing they need to broaden.   One tag that would contain several different things.   It's just too confusing.

Now if you have the time take a look at the link. to the actual question.  There are different opinions.  Share your own!