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Well, this is my first ever weblog after 8 years of working on SCN. Many people are saying “about time”. Truth is, I have always been more comfortable being the man behind the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0032138/quotes?qt0409920), but a topic came up in an internal conversation that I thought I could actually have a meaningful opinion about.

Several people including Marilyn, Gali, Martin, Moshe, and Laure were discussing what the difference between a Wiki contribution and a Weblog contribution should be. I have read many contributions in both areas. I have also seen many emails sent to sdn@sap.com over the years in which a reviewer rejected the proposed Weblog content and why the content was rejected. I think I have gotten a good feel on what the main difference is.

Wikis were better suited to dry material such as the how to guide genre. To illustrate I could have an experience where I killed a dragon.

In a Wiki I would write it up as:

1. Take sword in both hands.

2. Stand 40 feet away.

3. Throw sword in general direction of the dragon.

4. Watch sword pierce dragon then make sure he falls over and no more fire is being emitted.

In a Weblog I would write it up as:


Once upon a time I was strolling through the park with my sword in hand when I came upon this dragon burning up all the flowers. I realized I had to do something quickly so I ran up to about 40 feet away from the dragon, grasped my sword in both hands, and threw the sword with all my might in his general direction. The sword pierced the breast of the dragon. He heaved a mighty sigh and fell to his side. I carefully crept up on him and saw that the firery furnace within him and been extinguished and no fire would ever emit from that terrible orifice again.


So what you see is that Weblogs basically can convey the same message but tend to be more of a marriage between the how to guide and something that happened to illustrate how useful it was. My hope is that my little story will guide our future webloggers and my own example will show how you sometimes can come out from behind the curtain.