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I am happy to present kesavadas.thekkillath as our newest spotlight! Kesavadas moderates the very busy ABAP Development space, especially their discussion forums which require daily attention.

He is currently working with SAP Global Delivery and sites it as the ‘most commendable period I ever had in my career’. Specifically he is working for an SAP IT project in BPC/BW/FICO domain developing applications in ABAP.

Please share a bit about yourself with the community: I am currently located in Bengaluru, India but my native place is Kerala, the God’s own country (phrase used to promote tourism by the state government). Check this link to know why it’s named that way https://www.keralatourism.org/video-clips/.

*Gali: You can hear how proud Kesavadas is of his home state. He returns to visit his grandparents and is headed back this week. He especially recommends visiting Kerala in monsoon season (June-August) which surprised me but the rains are famous (this video shares why) and life continue even with rains :wink:

This is my seventh year in the SAP sphere specially ABAP. I currently work at Atos (formerly known as Atos Origin) and right now I am assigned in SAP Global Delivery for a long term project with SAP IT, as a partner consultant.

During my free time I play games, cook and watch movies.

*Gali: Kesavadas especially likes playstation which he’s been playing since he’s been a kid. He helped me out since my son has recently been asking for it but he advised waiting for PS4 (a reprieve!).

You have a unique name, does it have a special meaning? My name certainly has a special meaning, it is worshipper of Lord Krishna and my friends and family call me “Keshu”.

You formerly went by a different name though in the community, right? Yes when I first joined SDN (in 2007) I thought my name would be too hard to pronounce and so went under Keshav. T. However when we moved to the new SCN I decided to change to my original name.

*Gali: Many people know Kesavadas under the name Keshav. T as he achieved topic leader status by helping many in both 2010 and 2011!

How do you get to know newbies? In the space we interact, there are different types of newbies. A skilled member joins to provide quality ideas and is selective. Another member joints to dump the requirements, they considering the forum a free consulting service; are lazy to research, press f1 and examine the forums etc. Some of them listen very well to moderator messages and try to correct their mistakes, but some don’t care about reading rules of engagement (I have less patience with them). There are some newbies who join to gather points; they give good suggestions but are not selective and answer basic questions. We direct them in the right way.

What motivates you? Doing my part, especially helping without conditions, satisfaction after completing a tough task, giving back to the community and a well said thank you.

*Gali: In addition, Kesavadas shared that vijaybabu.dudla and  rich.heilman motivated him when he first joined SDN. He thought that he too could be like them someday. rob.burbank was also instrumental as one day he mailed him and helped guide him on proper behavior. Kesavadas notes that as a turning point. Since then he always behaved ‘cleanly’ and helped as much as possible which eventually led to thomas.zloch recommended him as a moderator when Rob retired.

If you could offer one bit of advice to new members what would it be and why? I would recommend the new members to read the Rules of Engagement at least once. SCN discussion forums are not only for asking questions, it is a place where you can help others, build a professional relationship with other members and learn a lot.
Also, read Asking Good Questions in the SCN Discussion Spaces will help you get Good Answers.

Is there another moderator or community member that you've found incredibly helpful? Yes :smile:

Moderator – thomas.zloch. We miss him; I hope he joins back soon.
Community members –  vinod.kumar25 , naimesh.patel , marcin.pciak and suhas.saha

They have sound knowledge and helped me and others unconditionally.

Please share something community members would be surprised to learn about you. Even when I am in tight schedule, I reserve some time for SCN after my work.

How has the SCN community helped you? If at all anybody knows me globally, it’s through SCN. SCN has also helped me to earn few good friends too.

How are you finding the new SCN? Initially I was finding it hard to understand where exactly is the space I have to navigate, but now it’s really easy, especially helpful was ‘getting started’ space. I think its more interesting now like any one of the social networking sites. There are lot of new features now.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Chef maybe :smile:

*Gali: Kesavadas cooks Indian food mainly and insists I try Hyderbad Biriyani (basmati rice with chicken/beef, and lots of spices which I surely will on my next visit!).

What profession would you not like to do? Politics :wink:

Is there a community story you wish to share? I did the sap certification provided by SCN. The voucher provided was not applicable in India. In fact there are some members even now who received the voucher and have not gone through with it. From my experience, each person I contacted in SCN has dedicatedly helped me a lot to sort out this issue and I completed it with ease.

Gali: On a personal note, it has been my honor and pleasure to feature Moderator and Space Editor spotlights in the past two years. I interact daily with this amazing group of community supporters and love being able to ‘share them’ back a bit with the community they help daily. As I am taking on new challenges, moshe.naveh will be taking over. Be sure to check out previous spotlights in the Spotlight Showcase.