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Here is the link to the recording:


It was on August 20, 2012 when we kicked-off the Blog It Forward initiative. This started a world journey where over 200 BIFers (still growing) shared their dreams,hobbies, wishes and amazing pictures of their daily life or places they've been to. One of the things that amazed me the most was how community members got so engaged with Blog It Forward and with each other. We really started to have a Blog It Forward family that welcomed every new participant and encouraged them share more about themselves. You of course can't talk about BIF without talking about Susan Keohan and Tammy Powlas who are the "Mothers":) of the Blog It Forward family/challenge. This is a great opportunity to thank them for their true passion, on-going support and nurturing to almost every BIFer.

On November 18th we will have a special virtual Anniversary BIF party where:

  • Each participant will be asked to be dressed with their traditional/favorite clothing, snack and beer/juice
  • Each participants will share their most significant BIF experience
  • Very interesting BIF statistics will be shared
  • A cool new BIF Game/quiz will be launched and played:)
  • Non shy BIFers will be allowed to turn on their Webcam

A more detailed one year BIF summary blog will be published later on as this is only the announcement about the Blog It Forward Party.

In order to kick off the celebration, I want to call Tammy Powlas and Susan Keohan and humbly request them to share how was the BIF year for them.

In order to register for this event please click here.

See you soon:).