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Logging on to SCN is about to get a lot easier!

I’m happy to share that on Monday, April 29, Social Sign On with Twitter will be available. Yes, all members who tweet can link their twitter handle and password with their SCN account. This will make life easier by having one set of log in details to remember. In addition, it will also allow you to log into twitter in the morning and surf SCN throughout the day! Sounds great, right? So how can you do it? Here’s how:

Before logging in, check out the new light blue button on the bottom “Log On with Twitter”:

Once pressed, fill in your twitter details and then you’ll see the following screen:

Now enter your SCN email/ ID/ User Name and password and that’s it!

The accounts will have been linked and the next time you log in you can use your twitter credentials!

New members, who click on log on with twitter, will be able to create a new account and the twitter data will be displayed in the new user registration form.

We are working on providing additional Social Sign in options to further enhance the ease of member log in. We can look forward to Facebook next, followed by LinkedIn and Google+.

This is a first step in simplifying engagement on SCN, as part of Project Ignite.