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This blog was first published on PSDNetwork, the site that helps women make decisions on their start-ups, leadership, and management. I provide exclusive content to PSDNetwork monthly (this blog is an exception) and encourage you to visit their site for good content by many excellent writers.

Is Social Media Dead?

At a recent conference, a friend and I had to admit that we were bored by the social media discussions. It seemed that nothing fundamentally new had happened in a while. Same old, same old. Or at least that’s how we feel, as we “do” social media for a living. This led us into a conversation about where social media is headed. There seems to be a great divide between businesses that are heavily invested in social media (examples: SAP, Cisco, eBay) and companies that are scraping the bottom. Even inside the enlightened companies, there are social proficient employees (often this is their job) and those who are still trying to learn what a hashtag is (their boss told them to “get with social media”).

What does this mean?

Let’s take a step back.

Social media is dead. Or rather, social media used in isolation is dead."

Point in case: Marketing: While no company has a “VP of Email Marketing”, there are plenty with a “VP of Social Media”. Isn’t it about time to roll in social media with marketing communications, PR, and Analyst Relations?Yes, the important term here is: Integrated Marketing. Social media in isolation makes no sense.

Is this a good enough solution? No.

Social media is dead. The Social Business is alive; or should be (and I don't like shoulds). In the age of inbound marketing, the traditional marketing model is no longer working.

Old days:

Client A purchased a product and that was usually the last he/she heard of Company B. If the product was good, Client A told a few friends. If the product was bad, Client A told a lot of people.


Client A purchases product and expects to stay in ongoing contact with Company B.

  • If the product is good, Client A might rate it online (e.g. Amazon) and tell her/his friends on Facebook or Instagram about the good experience.
  • If Client A LOVES the product, he/she will go to great lengths to let their online network know.
  • If the product is bad, Client A will let Company B know – via Twitter or Facebook etc. Client A will also let their entire online social network know that they are unhappy at the same time. Client A expects to receive a response from Company B to their complaint. If Company B does not respond, Client A will get even more upset and continue to voice their displeasure online.

Find out what this means for your business by reading the rest of this blog on PSDNetwork.


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