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UPDATED: Food for Points

A few people out there already have their shirts, just take a look but I also know there are many more than that who just haven't bothered to send in a photo. Come on send them in!! Or add them to flickr yourself with the "tag" sdntshirt.  Once again here are the different shirts:  The shirts start with:

  • 1/4K = 256 Points (Orange)

  • 1/2K = 512 Points (Red)

  • 1K = 1024 Points (Light Blue)

  • 2K = 2048 Points (Dark Blue)

  • 5K = 5000 Points (Grey)

  • 10K = 10000 Points (Surprise)

Options available are what size you want, nothing more nothing less.  In your SDN Business Card there is a field for address, now you must fill in this field, you DO NOT need to make it visible unless you want to, simply fill it in. Followed then by your day time telephone number, oh and we MUST have a real name to ship to. Then a bit further down is a field for Additional Info, what we ask is that in this field you put T-Shirt: [size] just change the [size] to XL,L,M or S. So for example T-Shirt: L, that's it no other text or wording. Oh and before you ask, most SAP employees will not be able to alter their address field, in which case do not despair we will find your in-house mailing address and either bring you your shirt or mail it to you. Again, it is very important that you include the following information if you wish to receive the shirt. Full Name (Real one) Full Address (NO PO BOX) Country (believe it or not but some people leave this out) Daytime Telephone Number Without that information we can not ship, and of course without knowing your size we can't ship either.  You do not need to make the information public, but it does need to be in there!  Now, when will you receive your shirt? Well when your name shows up in the CROSSING OVER section of the Contributor Corner then we will ship you your shirt, not before. Please do not email asking where your shirt is, we honestly won't be able to answer. The most we could do is tell you when your name was on the CROSSING OVER and that means you will receive your shirt within a week after that.  Thank you again for all your understanding as we work through all the bugs in this process! For those of you interested in the "prior" to this announcement process, today I sent over the last set for processing that means that several hundred are already on their way. If you did not get one that means that you did not fill in all of your information correctly so please hurry and get that done. Once we start this process if the list is pulled and your address is wrong or your t-shirt size is not in there then you will not receive your tshirt.