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It’s that time of year again, when we start to look ahead to the closing of another Topic Leader contest cycle.

Wait… What was that? Close of the Topic Leader contest period?

But it’s… it’s only January!

Well, as you know if you have been following the progress of the 1DX Community Experience project and read jeanne.carboni year-end blog post, The Latest Update on One Digital Experience and Community, the new experience is slated to debut in beta form at SAPPHIRE NOW, in May, and the live version will follow sometime not long after.

So, with the launch of the new experience anticipated to be earlier than the “usual” date that our Topic Leader contest would end (July 31, 2016), the SCN team has had to take a look at our options for holding a 2015/2016 contest at all.

The good news is: we still want to have a contest!

The hitch is, the duration of the contest will have to be shortened; it won’t be possible to hold a full 12-month contest. This is due not only to the timing of the new experience launch, but also because of the move from the space concept that we have now in the Jive platform to the tag-based concept that we will have in the new experience (there will not be a one-to-one mapping of spaces to tags).

So, after careful thought, we have decided to hold a shorter 2015/2016 Topic Leader contest:

The contest runs from August 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016.

Winners will be calculated after the contest closes, and the announcement of the winners will take place sometime in May. Details about point thresholds etc. will be communicated shortly before the winners are announced. (You can see the kinds of details we provided for the 2014/2015 contest here in caroleigh.deneen blog post from last year, Updates to Topic Leader Contest.)

We hope you share our excitement in being able to conduct one last go-around of the Topic Leader contest before we launch our new Community Experience, and we look forward to sharing the list of winners in a few months!

P.S. If you’re new to SCN, and you’re not sure what the Topic Leader contest is, check out the blog announcing the 2014/2015 winners.