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Former Member

Hello SAP Pros.....

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to record my hearty thanks to SAP Community Network (SCN) for the perfect pro-active support and guidance it has extended to all of us in SAP arena.

I also extend my thanks to all of SCN mates & core SAP hunks for their enormous cooperation in this blog for sorting out all kinds of issues and to run all projects smoothly. Though I am not that much experienced in SAP , but  the day I have started my career in SAP, the only one platform which is enabling me to proceed further in learning without getting demotivated is only SCN and SCN :smile: .

Based on my personal bench-marking progression, I can proudly say that the transparency maintained by SAP through SCN is more contended to get the overall clearance of any issue than other technologies / platforms. The most amazing thing about SCN is that any interested end user can get required knowledge/context from this same platform without running around for different websites.

I must have to say that mystery of my enthusiasm to learn SAP is nothing but the culture followed by SCN gurus / masters  who are addicted to sort out any issue or to provide solution as if they are also in the same project and as a team work they must have to execute it error-free. This is what called team spirit which drags me also to find the pin point of any issue ............ A great round applause to all SCNians !!

Based on all of these circumstances the header of this blog knocked my mind to express my thoughts on SCN and I am trying to direct the same. In actual it's not possible to cover all the aspects of SCN in writing ,which are favorably keep on helping all SAPians :sad: at any point of time.  

To conclude, let me once again reiterate that without you all I  could never have the courage to dream and the passion to make it happen.

So thank you all.....