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A few days ago, when I started thinking in this blog, I found a document with the Top Five reasons to Join the SAP Community Network:

1. Learn – Connect with the smartest SAP experts on the planet..

2. Solve a Problem – Post a question in our discussion forums and get an answer in an average of 20 minutes...

3. Connect – Use our advanced networking capabilities to virtually “meet” thousands of experts working on the same SAP products you’re working on...

4. Contribute – Our community relies upon the contribution of non-SAP employees to thrive

5. Build your reputation – Gain recognition as an expert on your topics to build your career as an SAP professional...

Ref.: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-18497

One of this makes lot of noise to me: Solve a Problem (get a response in an average of 20 min). In my experience, I have seen many times users asking very basic questions or very general questions, and even when some of us could alert the user to search before posting or could ask to post specific questions, in most of the times, the users get the response in less time than a very efficient HelpDesk in an international company.

To be honest, a couple of times, I have responded basic questions, just because it is nice to be helpful or I did not want to be rude. The point here is: are we helping other users or are we helping companies to spend less money in consultancy?

With this I am not saying that the SCN community is not a wonderful place to be, I am just bringing a point that in some cases, our intention to help could be future problem for us (the consultants). In my perspective, this is something that need to be resolved with the help of all of us in the community and the intervention of the moderators.