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Former Member

Although I have only been a part of the SCN community for two months, I have found it to be extremely beneficial and a great place for conversation. Much like many other people, at first, I approached the SCN as a way to extract information on how to either get something done or to be able to fix an issue I may have encountered. As I observed the discussions and contributions of others, I became motivated to partake in them myself and to begin publishing my own content.

Pretty much all of the content I post has been in the SAP Lumira space, since I work primarily with this solution. I have personally gone from commenting on other's posts to trying to post something new on a now weekly basis. My team and I often create new tutorial videos and small how-to suggestions and that is the focus of many of my posts.

The community within the SCN is fantastic: Intelligent, engaging, and friendly! I often enjoy reading other people's posts and comments. I hope to post a bunch more content in the future, and to become a more valuable member of the SCN.

Thanks for reading!

Anthony Gandouin

SAP Lumira Expert Team