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Update Monday 10th February 2014

It seems SCN is not the first with gamification, on a visit to the

Skoda-Auto Museum at the weekend, this was spotted:


When I first heard about SDN embracing gamification, to be honest
I was a gamification skeptic, I was concerned that gamification
would devalue the community, my Generation X worries were:

• gamification will take the seriousness away from the community

• gamification will take the professional nature away from the community

• gamification dilute the reasons of the community

When I thought about gamification, I had a picture in my mind of one of these :

(thanks for the picture http://home.olemiss.edu/~badwf/2600box.gif )

and I thought all users would need an SAP SCN game console to be

able to use the community since gamification mean't we'd be

gamers didn't it ?   🙂

Gamification went live and the penny dropped...

     Gamification is something else


( thanks for the picture https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSAZpZ8SqXUr5neOxt52O9Jr_BKNWbDvlxaqrfja4yqapLm... )

When looking at the SCN's gamification design, the badges
sequence, their values, it was clear to see:

• the gamification has been very well thought out

• gamification has very serious goals

• the goal of the gamification is inclusion and participation and engagement

SAP and SCN Lead by Example

You know, SCN and SAP lead by example, and here we are again,
SAP have opened our eyes to Gamification

If SCN hadn't done gamification I wouldn't know what it is

If SCN hadn't done gamification so well I wouldn't have been
motivated to look at the concept and science of gamification
more closely

What do I take away from the journey to gamification ?

The SCN Gamification is a lesson to us all that we can take back
to our companies and think about on roll-outs as a way of increasing
inclusion, participation and engagement.

But why only roll-outs ?

More and more companies are instroducing some kind of social media
flavour to their intranets, social media has been introduced on the
intranet at the customer where I am currently engaged.

As christopher.kim has blogged today,

8 Honest Truths Every Marketer Can Learn From SAP Community Network

there is so much everybody I mean everybody involved in intranet &

internet communities and engagement can learn from SAP's lead with

the SCN.

Social Media concepts will more and more become a greater part of

business applications in the future, think of Business Process Management

/ WorkFlow / Guided Procedures utilising Social Media, and think about

what we generation Xer's have not thought of yet and what the generation y's

and Millenials will be thinking of.

Just thinking out loud, I am curious to the amount of infrastructure
and even custom development needed for BPM, / WorkFlow / Guided Procedures

and am curious to think about looser coupling of processes and utilising

Social Media tools for  the processes. Generation Y and Millenials are used

to the loose coupling of Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr etc and seem

perfectly capable of organising actions through these tools.

And this is only one example.

Evidence of what is coming and available can be seen in things like:

◦. OSS 1859791 - CRM Social Media Integration in Interaction Center
◦. OSS 1832462 - Master Note: CRM Social Media Integration
◦. OSS 1832480 - How to implement Twitter API for CRM Interaction Center
◦. OSS 1832481 - How to implement Facebook API for CRM Interaction Center

we can even use Hana to calculate social sentiment...

◦. OSS 1832482 - How to calculate social sentiment on HANA as primary DB

We are constrained only by our imaginations and intelligence.

Intelligence, the application of knowledge and experience is precisely
constrained by our experience or lack of it. As I said last year after
SCN moved to the platform and once I had got over the move, I was
sincerely grateful for the new platform,and realised that us Gen Xer's
need to embrace the new technologies especially the Social Media

technologies otherwise we will be left behind.

We have to think about how gamification can be applied and designed into


( this wonderful picture is from this original article:


by Marjolijn Kamphuis  and Marjolijn has very kindly given her express permission for the

wonderful picture to be included in this blog )

Here are the badges,

(thanks for the picture http://www.mrdaley.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/badges.jpg )

let's think about how the game mechanics can be applied in solutions.

So I have to say, on reflection,

well done SCN Team for the planning, implementation and delivery of gamification.

There's a lesson here for all of us.

How can we use Gamification and Game Mechanics and Social Media in our worlds ?

It's working !

The proof is in the pudding, and we can see, people who previously were lurkers are now

participating, included and engaged.

All the best,


p.s. When will the Gamification Business Package be available for the Portal ? Ok,

priorities, we need the Business Suite Business Packages POD enabled first 🙂

In the meantime we will make do with Fiori