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This blog wishes SCN and SCN contributions!

Why is number 10 special in SCN?

There are 10 kinds of people in the world.

Those who know about SCN and those who don’t.

Another reason is "SCN's Tenth Year" "Many More Happy Returns of the Day" to SCN!   

Wish SCN Many More Happy Returns of the Day = SCN returns Many More Knowledge Returns of the Day

If you contribute more in SCN, you gain more technical and functional knowledge.  If you gain more knowledge, automatically you gain more money. If you get more salary, then Income tax will come into the picture.

                                             Wish you Income Tax Returns of the Day! :lol:

My first brush with SCN was not a good one and I was asking many questions by myself! How to approach SCNians? How to post blogs and documents? How to give suggestion and send discussion?

Every year we wish SCN! Every minute SCN returns Knowledge to us ! :smile:

There is nothing like receiving a birthday wish and a birthday gift when it is your own SCN special day. Also I love celebrating SCN website birthday with SAP partners, customers, members and all others.

"My wish came true and it came true right after I posting about our SCN in SCN website." :cool:

SCN just finished 10th birthday wishes and I congratulate everyone being part of SCN and even more SCN experienced. I'm sure what we learned this year in SCN, but every experience transforms us into the people we are today.

"Don't count the year you lived, Count the wishes and all the cheers you share to everyone" :smile:

A blog is your best way for a knowledge sharing both technical and personal among the SCN crowd.

Our SCN community is the best choice for more than million bloggers.

" SCN.SAP.COM provides a powerful publishing platform for free" :cool:

Posting blog and documents: :smile:

SCN always teaches us to write well structured blog and document posting which will help us to attract and catch many SCN members attention. There are many tips and tricks are already provided by many SCNians in our SCN website.

There are three guiding principles to writing a successful SCN blog:

  • Write differently and writing style is must.
  • Post always even if your posts are short
  • Always allow your SCNians to comment on your blogs and documents

Discussion : :smile:

With the help of discussion option, you can also discuss anything related to technical and any difficulty that you are facing in the website.

Multi SCN author blogs: :smile:

Using SCN website, we can build our own online blogs and documents. This will help you to get lots of friends of people with shared interests.

Connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn : :smile:

SCN provide all the the tools that we require and it is easy way to connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.We can also Post comments, appreciations, likes from your mobile phone, I phone, or using any other website.

Friendly SCN Search Engine: :smile:

Place your cursor in the search option and type whatever you are searching for. It will automatically generate information about your SCNians, Blogs content, documents etc.

Welcome Abroad! :lol:

Blog here, Blog now, Blog Away! I request every one to Sign up and Start blogging for free and support SCN. :cool: :cool: :cool: