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Dear SAP Community,


Together with colleagues from the Technical University of Munich and the Unversity of Innsbruck, we recently have published a scientific study that explores how SAP developers use knowledge resources such as the SAP community in their daily development work. To return the favor to our interviewees, we wanted share our results with the community. Specifically, we developed a process model which explains the mental steps through which a SAP developers goes when searching for knowledge. Based on this model, we identified four use why SAP developers use knowledge resources:


  • Problem solving when the solution is unkown --> Search for simillar problems and solutions, e.g. via the SAP Community

  • Problem solving when the solution is known --> Look-up technical specification in the product documentation

  • Learning: Acquire a profound understand for a topic --> Learn about a specific subject in depth, e.g. via completing courses on the learning hub

  • Learning: Acquire an overview on a topic --> Get a basic understanding of the topic, e.g. via openSAP or short videos


We conclude our study with design recommendations for knowledge resource. Our results are based on 23 expert interviews that we conducted in Spring 2021. The interviews were transcriped and analyzed using Grounded Theory Methodology. The full text was published in the R&D Management Journal and is available open access on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/375310379_The_Role_of_Knowledge_Boundary_Resources_for_Plat...


Please let me know in case you have questions about our study - I am more than happy to answer those.


Best regards