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Community Manager
Welcome to the SAP Technology Ambassadors spotlight series -- monthly interviews with the SAP employees who participate in the SAP Technology Ambassadors program. Through these interviews, we'll learn about their areas of expertise -- and discover why they are so passionate about spreading their knowledge through speaking engagements.

I would like to kick the series off with Jocelyn Dart, a very active ambassador. Although the program is fairly new, Jocelyn has already achieved quite a bit as an SAP Technology Ambassador -- as you can read below.


Would you mind sharing a bit of background about yourself?

I’ve been working in the SAP Fiori and great UX over the last 4 years as a blogger on SAP Community, and at local and international conferences. These days I focus on UX in S/4HANA which is a lot of fun -- lots of new innovations & techniques to play with!  My special passion is Software Accessibility -- that is, making sure software is usable for everyone including those overcoming physical and mental challenges. For fun I love spending time with wildlife in some of the most remote places of the world. I’ve been to Antarctica twice! Penguins make me happy!


How would you describe what you -- and other SAP Technology Ambassadors -- do?

We are SAP employees who are experts in our field and our aim is to enable customers and partners to make the most of their SAP solutions, such as sharing lessons learned when we look across a broad range of customers projects. Many of us have strong business networks within SAP and use those to advocate for improvements that make everyone’s life easier.


Although the program is new, you've already participated in a few events as an SAP Technology Ambassador. Where did you speak and what do you enjoy most about speaking engagements?

I gave two sessions at ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW in June and spoke at a preconference workshop on System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA in August. I love connecting directly with customers -- seeing how they respond, what questions they come up with in front of others, and those discussions over the networking breaks!


When speaking at an event, what are your prime goals?

Bring clarity that helps customers make decisions and move forward. I work hard at giving a concise and coherent message. That’s never easy with technical topics.


As noted in the SAP Technology Ambassadors section of SAP Community, you're based in Sydney, Australia, and your focus areas are Fiori, UX, S/4HANA, and ABAP Programing Model for Fiori. With that in mind, what events would you recommend -- in your area and globally -- for people interested in your topic and why?

The SAP User Group conferences are always good to see what others are doing. So are the Eventful Group “Mastering SAP” conferences in Australia and South Africa. There’s also a really good bunch of monthly webinars: Fiori and UX Practitioner Forums for business/IT managers and Fiori Makers Forum for developers. 

It’s also really important to broaden your perspective to what’s happening outside the SAP-centric world. Locally the UX Australia conference is great for anyone interested in a broader view of what’s happening in UX.


Any speaking sessions planned and, if so, can you share any information about them?

At SAP TechEd Vegas you are likely to find me assisting at some of the workshops on CoPilot and the ABAP Programming Model for Fiori.


Have you got any advice for people who do public speaking? 

Right now I’m starting to look at 2019 conferences -- it’s usually good to plan 6 months ahead to work in with event organizers and discuss hot topics. As a speaker my best advice is to focus on your audience and not yourself -- that’s the only way I’ve found to get past self-conscious nerves.


What is hardest for you when it comes to giving a session?

Deciding on the message -- the main thread and takeaways. That takes time. Once I’ve done that, which slides or images or info I need to include becomes obvious.


How would you measure the success of a public speaking session?

I love it when people are clearly engaged and interested, and come back and ask questions either on the day or afterwards via email or Twitter. But most of all I love it when I go to the same conference next year and meet customers who are actually doing what I was describing. That’s when I really know they’ve got it!



I would like to thank Jocelyn for her this great interview and invite you all to ask her questions in the comments section 

Want to learn more about the program and find more SAP Technology Ambassadors around the world? Please visit our page.