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It's a wrap!!! no, not at all, rather I would say it's beginning of a beautiful learning journey, sharing of what we know and reaching out to those who actually need such information/sessions.

SAP Online track is really going to be the most informative/interactive knowledge sharing platform of our community.

Coming to the session, "it was just great", it's not my words, I am quoting what feedback I received from audience across. My messenger was stuffed today with loads of responses and congratulatory messages.

Now, it's time for me to thank those, without whom It would not been possible.

svea.becker gratitude to you for arranging the first call, when I came with this though of hosting an Online Track.

rsletta thanks a ton for all the learning,guidance,help and support through this process, we really had alot of conversation these days.

uxkjaer appreciate your help in letting us know all Dos and don'ts basically code of conduct involved in hosting an Online Track.

Now time to greet our Speakers...

sourabh.manocha thank you friend for being speaker alongside, great to have you in this track, impressive session.

eid.haddad Yeah we got into a situation, but no problem, we gonna have you next time for sure.

vijaykumar.ijeri Yep we couldn't make it this time, but surely will plan something in days to come.

Last but not the least, thanks to all those who joined the track and were present there to support us in our session.

nabheet.madan3 thanks for setting up the reminder and joining us live.

pavan.karaiya didn't expect you, was super happy to see you there, my gut feeling that audience would love to hear from you on UI5/Fiori, will bother you to pull off one next time.

tarunkaushik320 patil477pavan abhinandan_sapabap soumita_patra ujadhav and many more,obviously can't mention everyone here. To all you guys, a big thank and truly appreciate you all for joining the stream.

We will be coming up with new events/sessions/activities, till then...take best care of yourself and the family.

hasta la vista!!

Speaker Session recordings
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