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If you've been following our blog series on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you know that the Launchpad is now the default method of accessing SAP Support online.


Did you know that with the new Launchpad your users can now manage their own login credentials?  This means no more password resets and retrieving login information for you, the Super Admin!  We know that for the busy admin, any way that we can empower your users is best.  With this self-service solution, users can retrieve and reset their own passwords and view their login username.  (You may still be asked to help them retrieve their user name from within your User Management application if they are unable to login due to a lost username.  For more information on user management, click here.)


While super administrators used to manage the password resets for a single system (Service Marketplace), this password self-service allows users to manage their credentials across the many systems that utilize the same access system (including the Support Portal and Launchpad).  Once a reset request is submitted to the system, the user should receive an email with an activation code, allowing them to reset their password and get back to work!




Need to retrieve your password?

You can use your email address to reset your password on the login page.


1.) On the login page, click the 'Forgot password?' hyperlink



2.) Enter your email address or username (SXXXXXXXXXX format)



3.) If the email address is assigned to an active SAP Support Portal user, an email will be sent with instructions to reset your password. Within this email, click 'Click here to reset your password'.



4.) Following the on screen password requirements, set your new password.



Don't know your username?
Please note that you cannot log into the Launchpad or set up your SSO certificate with your email address. Because of this, your email address is not a replacement for your username.


To find your username (if you are already logged in), please:


1.) Click the login page and use the instructions above to log in


2.) Click 'your name' at the top of the page


3.) Select 'Change my password' from the drop down (pictured below)



4.) Make note of your username (SXXXXXXXXXX format) in the User ID section.





Want a single sign-on experience?  Be sure to install our SAP Browser Passport to simplify your login.


Any questions?  Let me know in the comments section below!


Best Regards,



Jamie Cantrell

Client Communications Manager

SAP Customer Experience