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*UPDATED June 14, 2016*


As of April 20, 2016, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and redesigned applications are the default method of accessing SAP Support online.  To learn more about the Launchpad, please enjoy the blog article series below and visit the Launchpad information page in the Support Portal.




The Launchpad is an integrated single access point to support resources from within the SAP Support Portal (support.sap.com).  It provides you with a seamless support experience - whether you're using SAP on-premise solutions, cloud products, or a combination of the two.  With consolidated access to support resources into a single customized and intuitive interface, the Launchpad enables you to accomplish support-related tasks for any combination of SAP products and solutions with ease and efficiency.


Previously, if you administered multiple products across both SAP on-premise and cloud solutions, you often had to manage incidents and access support through multiple entry points. By utilizing customizable role profiles, customers will access a Launchpad that is tailored to display only relevant, task-focused applications and at-a-glance data and insights to ensure the most efficient and user-friendly experience possible.  Depending on your role permissions, you may be able to manage your support incidents and users, system analytics, help articles, and product documentation for all of your SAP solutions. See at-a-glance system statistics, manage software keys and updates, and more with the Launchpad's easy-to-use, tile-based interface.


The Launchpad was designed, not only with you in mind, but through conversations with and regular feedback from customers like you.  With your voice, we've developed a user-friendly platform to help make your support experience as simple and streamlined as possible.


Read more about the Launchpad in this blog series:


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Ready to learn more? Click here to visit the Launchpad information page in the Support Portal to view additional resources.