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Update 25 June 2014:

There have been issues with the SAP Middleware News @ SCN subscription form. I'd highly encourage you to go and check your subscription to make sure you are not missing your news.

If you are as passionate about SCN as I am, you will perhaps agree that SCN newsletters are a great way to keep up with innovations in the SAP world as they aim to provide structured approach towards the mountains of trendy content published on SCN daily. What is best – you can share them with your network anywhere and on anything via email or simple URL.

Please take a moment today to check your subscriptions and make sure you are not missing on your news. If you are not subscribed yet, you should definitely consider opting in for one or more of these community “guides” and keep up with important conversations and developments in your areas.

On this opportunity we are very excited to announce that the SCN IT Management Newsletter evolves in SAP Middleware Newsletter:

After more than two years and nine editions the IT Management Newsletter is a well-established vibrant info channel for IT experts. Meanwhile SAP strategy and market trends have evolved as well. Process orchestration and virtualization have gained more focus, while ALM and Software Logistics keep generating a lot of buzz. The embracing term for all these topics at SAP is Middleware.

To meet the needs of the growing SAP Middleware community we are extending the IT Management Newsletter to SAP Middleware Newsletter starting from March 2014.

We at the Global CoE Team for SAP Middleware are very excited to keep sharing insights, monthly from now on, into all innovations in ALM, Software Logistics, Software Defined Data Center solutions, Virtualization & Cloud Management, Architecture, SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, Decision Service Management, Operational Process Intelligence, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, Big Process and Big Data and powerful technology bundles like Intelligent Business Operations powered by SAP HANA.

Sign up for free today via this simple registration form.

Get engaged and happy reading & sharing!

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