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Good evening!


During October 17th and within almost two weeks an event in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza took place, organized by mnauel.robalinho

On October 17th it was the presential event, with 197f0f77709544a3bdebe98a55f527bb eid.haddad jonys.arcanjo salva.gimeno josieudes.claudio and Marco Aurélio.

the virtual part took place between the days 21 and 25, with damape ruthvik.chowdary2 fabianabacon 32543265443643 and myself.


The channel for online sessions  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_eLPzj_iyIvNzrhggx_rSg

The document I used is this https://www.linkedin.com/posts/isabel-s%C3%A1nchez-405812b4_sit-fotraleza-lecture-activity-672578820...

Now it´s turn to tell you abouy my experience.


How I got contacted

Manuel, that is my contact on LinkedIn, sent me an email in August asking me if I was interested to be a speaker in an event. I initially hesitated, I wasn´t sure, I am not used to doing such presentations: online, recorded and streamed on Youtube.

I took it as a risky business, but finally I accepted. My first time that I was involved as a speaker! yes, I supported another events, in Bangalore, in USA, etc but never doing my own work.


The topic I chose

The topic was Asset Accounting in SAP S/4HANA.

The main objective was letting people know about Asset Accounting in SAP S/4HANA, but what is the best way, being a trainer, that putting a real use case.

In the making off the presentation I had several ideas: what if I show only customizing? what if I focus on functional, creating several assets or several subnumbers?

So finally the decision was to show the most part of the submodule from scratch, I mean, from a new company code and customize the chart of depreciation, depreciation areas, asset classes, assets (numbers and subnumbers) and finally show some videos of functional: posting and depreciation run.

It was ambitious, Isabel, I thought, but well, I had nothing to lose.


The making off

the presentation was prepared in a week. During the immediate month, I was doing tests in the system, watching the way to organize the wide content.

So this was the scenario I developed within the presentation:

Use case


After an initial part of overview and introduction, all these elements were developed in 3 parts:

1- Customizing settings and master data

2- Posting and periodic processes

3- Asset Reporting


Trying to apply that to a real use case. I said at the start of the event that let´s imagine that you are a consultant and are being told that you have to build a new company code and all the elements to get ready for depreciation run.

Those are the steps, the customizing part is essential. In that part the chart of depreciation needs to be assigned to the company code, so I created another chart of depreciation and step by step I built all the scenario.

The next step was building asset classes, so I also created account determinations, screen layouts and used the same number range intervals for both asset classes.

After all the settings were ready, it was the functional turn: creation of assets main number and a subnumber, postings (acquisition, transfer within company code and retirement by scrapping) and a depreciation run. At this point I though: I am used to recording processes in my job, why doesn´t here? So I recorded all those processes, that can be seen on the youtube recording.


My feelings within the lecture

I started veery nervous. I was shaking, my legs moving. But a word coming from Manuel calmed me down: He told me the rest of speakers were watching me, I couldn´t believe it!

That made me feel happy and less nervous.

The lecture was longer that I was expecting, I did several test times, I checked some other presentations, but it was a moment when I didn´t look at the time.

I noticed i was one hour!!! just when I played the videos, moment when i thought I was getting to the end.

Putting screenshots and videos in the same presentation did it more dynamic, and being my first time I think I didn´t it bad at all, althought there are some things to improve.


After the lecture

I felt relaxed and happy with the work done, I think that well structured and presented lectures say a lot about the event.

After the effort, it was rewarding, either for the learning part and for the presentation skills part.


Just the last sentence: I WANT TO BE A SPEAKER AGAIN! 🙂


Needless to say, that the level was very high and the organization was well run by Manuel.


I hope I had shared a part of me in this post.