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As mentioned in the following discussion Who's reading the ideas ? the purpose of this document is to list ideas from "SCN Innovation and Enhancements" session that we can find on ideas.sap.com with an incorrect status or incorrect location, etc. to help people in charge making the necessary changes. Lines are grayed out after issues are solved. If one wants to insert a new line, please make sure to add it on top of the table (below the header line) to make it easier to follow, and fill in the 'blue' columns only.

Idea / IssueCreation date
Idea statusResult

QR code on bills

Wrong idea area


About doing the survey in SAP community

This is not an idea, but something for the support space or email to team


SAP PM - Allow Alternate Labelling for Equipment Master Records - field EQUNR

Wrong idea area


Outdate SAP TechEd & d-code banner on homepage

This is not an idea, but something for the support space.


Powerbuilder tool suggest

Wrong idea area


Make Classification functionality more user friendly

Wrong idea area


Smartform - Version Management

Wrong idea area


Bi4.1 WebI Publication to Plain Text format

Wrong idea area or question?


SAP BI 4.1 connectivity to Hadoop Hive 0.13

Wrong idea area


Block annoying users from activity feed

Good idea

2/20/2014For Future Consideration

Answer for "Where would you like to start your discussion?"

This is not an idea, but a question for the support space.


Question Rejection

This is not an idea, but a question for the support space.


ISAPI filter support for Exchange 2013 in Afaria

Wrong idea area

4/16/2014SubmittedBeing processed

Search in SCN before posting

the same as Posting similar questions which has been answered already in forum


Graphical Conditional Joins in SAP HANA Studio

Wrong idea area


Input final price in sales order - Localization Brazil

Wrong idea area


Mobile apps for SAP Basis area

Wrong idea area and more a question


Please fix it! Can NOT download SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version

This is not an idea, but a support request.


Please fix it soon! Can NOT download SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) - Trial Version on Linux

This is not an idea, but a support request.

Connection to SAP B1 on IPads
Wrong idea area: better fit would probably be: SAP Business One
authorization to change owner field

Wrong idea area

Thresholds settings for rules in Information steward

Wrong idea area


Issue with Form Mode

Wrong idea area


need more functionality in BO XI WEBI scheduling

Wrong idea area: better fit would probably be: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Home

8/6/2013SubmittedMoved to the WebI Idea Session

Reputation API

Duplicate: Open API for SCN 2.0

06/10/2013SubmittedMerged. Under Review

Add and enlarge discussion icons

This idea is merged with many other ideas. All of them should be set to "delivered" as the required changes in SCN icons set is now live: SCN Discussion Icons...Now in Color

03/16/2012AcceptedMerged with D5684 which is changed Delivered

Awarding points. Restriction on Submitting new issues

Duplicate: Create Action Alert to remind owner about open discussion thread


SAP product naming historical overview page

According to the idea session statistics, 50 on 238 users voted for this idea (that's more than 20%). Also a very nice proof of concept was created two and a half years ago... but still no feedback was provided since then: it is certainly not helping sapideaplace to have a good reputation.

01/10/2011Under Review
For Future Consideration

More options in forums while clicking "ABUSE"  button

Duplicate: Forum: "Report Abuse": Please add a option "Wrong forum" + "Inform moderator"

02/27/2011Under ReviewDelivered Merged into D933

VB.NET style in Syntax highlighting

Duplicate: Format text as code in text editor

03/29/2012Under ReviewArchived

Country of Taiwan

This is not an idea. We just need to know whether it is a bug or the intended system behavior. So why is it taking so long to give a feedback? For your information on one hand I checked on wikipedia + www.iso.org: it seems that "Taiwan, province of China" is the official name. But, on the other hand only "Taiwan" (without the "province of China" suffix) is stored in SAP standard table for country text on ECC.

01/04/2013SubmittedWill be addressed in the beginning of 2014

Upload Data into an Assignment Block

Idea doesn't belong to the right session as it is not related to SCN, but to SAP CRM instead. Also as of CRM7.0 EhP1 one can paste data from Excel into table assignment blocks


Number of views for a discussion

Duplicate: Altering the calculation of page hit count

12/04/2012SubmittedNot Planned by SAP

last update date

Idea is not clear. Author (= "None") hasn't sent back any clarification when he was asked to more than 6 months ago... So why do we need to keep this idea open?


Survey on online payment option for SAP Education Services in India

This is not an idea.


Fixed-width font in Syntax blocks on SCN postings

Idea has already been delivered, and a blog post has even been published by andrei.vishnevsky2 to explain how to insert ABAP code snippets inside SCN threads: Code Samples in New SCN

04/30/2012SubmittedAuthor disagees. Please continue voting

Revert SDN to its former version

Submitted one year ago... got 2 votes... Should be worth considering setting its status to "Not planned by SAP"

05/09/2012SubmittedNot Planned by SAP

Create SuccessFactors specific area on SCN under HCM

According to some comment in this blog post SuccessFactors - we just love talking about it - but where?, details of the implementation of this space have already been discussed. So why can't we see this idea "Under review" or "Accepted" ?

06/12/2012SubmittedNot Planned by SAP

Separate Messages / Mentions Icon

It seems that this idea has been under review for a long time. How long does it take to get to next stage?

08/30/2012Under reviewFor Future Consideration

Stop auto closing cases in Support Portal

Idea doesn't seem to belong to the right session


Locking of Threads

Idea is a duplicate: Standard Text needed


Make "Positive Call Closure Survey" optional

Idea doesn't seem to belong to the right session. Plus, the survey is already optional.


Access to Delete our own post

Feature has already been delivered: one can modify/delete his own post as soon as no answer has been provided yet.


List of SCN blogs from users on my favourite list

Feature has already been delivered: one can browse the content created by his connections, and see the connections of his connections.


Wiki: Remove the JavaScript from the links for better usability

Opening wiki links in a new browser tab does work fine.


Top Contributing Companies - Making them responsible

The listing of "Top contributing companies" doesn't exist anymore, does it?

09/22/2010SubmittedFor Future Consideration

Suppress "Remember me" checkbox if function inactiv

Feature has been activated. No need to remove this checkbox anymore. See Auto Login Enabled For Good


"Keep me logged in" button when signing on to SCN

Feature has been implemented. See Auto Login Enabled For Good


Forum Rules should be displayed before posting a new thread for new members

Idea has been delivered through SCN "on boarding" missions together with moderation of content created by new-comers-with-less-than-30-points.