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Yes you heard it correct its EStammtisch, and this is going big.

Please don't confuse it with your super formal office skype calls, team meetings or any official engagement. This is Stammtisch and this is all about being what you are, what you like and the way you want to present yourself.

It is said "Necessity is the mother of Invention" and so this estammtisch. Lets catchup, lets connect, we the SAP community always being the pioneer of technology and shown businesses/world ways of achieving the complex with ease.

Nothing can stop us and neither this new normal, Its been quite long that we connected, we're missing the fun, so here is the platform.

Lets catchup on 7th June 2020, Sunday and share/discuss our story, what new we learnt, how our routine has changed, what activities we upto and what not.

No need to suit up or being formal, be in the attire you feel comfortable in, have your cup of tea/coffee with you, those who like mug full of froth, yep you also welcome because this is what stammtisch been all about.

This is the place where we learn and have all the fun.

So what are you waiting for, hit the below link and submit your mail id and cooler ideas/suggestions on this and join us for having a never before taste of stammtisch.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/z9Qa4fuGBhWYGqJh6

Zoom invite would be shared and same will hit your mailbox day before this e-gala.

See you all on 7th, till then... Stay Home! Stay Safe!! Technology needs you?


Update: This event concluded successfully, feedback/responses of attendees goes here