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How to improve user travel experience is what SAP Concur is looking for . Business travel is not an easy job. There  are alway so many business target need to achieve which you need work on the taxi ,train and air plane. Heavily work consumed traveller's energy which make the expense claim job become the most unreasonable job .  Why I am working so hard ,I have to pay for the tickets just because I lost the invoice ?

Central Reconciliation is a good tools to help your employee. It is a company bill company pay solution. With this solution you can got following benefit :

  • Employee no need to claim expense any more. Free employee from such operational job and help employee be focus on creative business work .

  • Company receive expense/transaction from bank (Card provider) which means really happened and come from a formal channel.

  • Whole workflow is very clear and auditable. whole information could traced in the whole ecosystem :

    • SAP Concur

    • TMC

    • Bank

    • Back to SAP Concur

How does it work ?

You can refer following diagram :

  1. Traveller can online book a ticket .

  2. The request will be auto approved or approved by your manager depends on configuration

  3. SAP Concur will sent your ticketing request to Travel Agency

  4. Travel Agency will issue the ticket to traveller and send invoice to Lodge card provider.

  5. Lodge card provider will sent the transaction information to SAP Concur

  6. SAP Concur will fine the transaction owner by request id or employee id and do auto reconciliation

  7. SAP Concur also will auto create expense report with right cost center information and some warning information by pre-configured check/audit warning/error message

  8. If needed company CR processor can approve or reject the expense report .

  9. Company pay for it .


If your company adopt central reconciliation solution your employee no need submit expense report anymore. They are free from these annoying operation job and focus on their business work .


Watch out for more central reconciliation information .

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