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Community Administrator
I’m excited to share that the next migration has successfully completed on our journey of bringing together the various different platforms and making the community more robust! Yesterday the read only status we had was to for the SAP Human Capital Management Partner Delivery Group (HCM PDG) ! Formerly known as the SAP SuccessFactors Partner Delivery Community, HCM PDG’s new name and new home are here on SAP Community. 

What will you find in the new SAP Human Capital Management Partner Delivery Group? 

The HCM PDG is focused on SAP SuccessFactors delivery empowerment. Here, consultants can search for answers to their questions, post new questions, read blog posts to stay informed, and share their knowledge with the global SuccessFactors consulting ecosystem. 

By being part of the broader SAP Community, you’ll also have an opportunity to connect with a wider and global network of SAP professionals, dive deeper into a variety of topics, connect with customers and users, and experience why there is no community like SAP Community. 

What happened to the former SAP SuccessFactors Partner Delivery community?   

The SAP SuccessFactors Partner Delivery community is now part of SAP Community. If you visit the former location, you will be directed to the new SAP Human Capital Management Partner Delivery Group (HCM PDG) on SAP Community.  

How can I access the SAP Human Capital Management Partner Delivery Group? 

If you are an SAP partner who currently belongs to the SAP SuccessFactors Partner Delivery Community, or if you are visiting for the first time, you can use your SAP partner account to log in to the SAP Human Capital Management Partner Delivery Group. Follow this link to access the group.     

Once you are ready to engage, you’ll need to activate your profile first by clicking on the avatar in the right-hand corner of the page. It’s still your same account but in this new area, you will need to select a username, what others will see when you post. You can also change your avatar picture.     

What are Groups on SAP Community?    

SAP Community launched Groups to enable more connections around shared interests and for you to have valuable conversations. Groups are created around topics that matter to you. In public groups, all discussions and content are visible to all members. In private groups, only members can participate and access the content.    

If you haven’t had a chance to get involved in groups yet, we have some videos to help you get started: 

As with everything else in the community, please follow the Rules of Engagement. If you have questions about Groups, please visit the Help section.     

Explore the new SAP Community Group for SAP Human Capital Management Partner Delivery, connect with other members, and join the conversations!