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Hosted by Chris Kernaghan

Recording replay is here

Chris is looking forward to SAP TechEd Las Vegas

oddss defines reputation

We're on social networks

We have a digital representation - it has online value

It's a reflection of what others think of you; value of those contributions

You can influence it; it is a product of your actions

Members should pay attention to it


Role icon

Legacy platform reputation from SCN

Content related statistics

Reputation profile elements

Member since date since user name (date that profile was created in system

Link profiles

Source: SAP

Author's role icon - what is their standing in the community? Moderator, employee?

Source: SAP

Karma credits - not visible to everyone; not public

Moderators have a view in a different page

Source: SAP

My missions - avatar dropdown, select my missions

See progress of badges

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Email notification settings

Also appears in activities stream

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Members of the month

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Privacy setting to have profile visible


Jason Cao: Making your profile visible is a good distinction between brand and reputation...

Jason Cao: a visible profile supports branding ourselves, whereas contributing to the community and sharing our knowledge improves our reputation.


Ervin: are there more missions?

Audrey will be writing a blog post today - missions and badges for SAP TechEd attendees

Ervin: Today we have Karma points; are you looking into a reputation score?

Audrey: looking into those things; can't comment on those things

Ervin: Rewarding answer accepted, any chance of rewarding those who accept the button? Easy to misuse the system; more use the accept button

Audrey: Issue with using accepted answers with mission - too much noise in the past; looking at good behavior encouraged without encouraging cheating


Source: SAP

Their journey to Member of the Month

Matt is joining from a Peru film shoot

Q: How did your journey with SAP community begin? Consume or lurk?

A: Matt: never posted, just searched for years. Doesn't recommend waiting that long

2015 - ran into an unusual problem, found an answer, didn't see anything published anywhere on it, and then wrote a blog post on the Community

Started answering questions

Barbel- mostly lurking, trouble with workflow, posted a question, someone suggested she write blog posts

Sharath - similar suggestion, fear of first post

Jason Cao: @Sharath_vuppula, coupled with fear is courage to overcome this fear. Great achievement and role model for those in our community to find courage.

Q: How get past fear of first post?

A: Sharath - checked that his content wasn't already written

Reassured by comments and views

Matt - now a moderator

Jason Cao: Our moderators are our community's unsung heroes. Big thanks to this group of dedicated members.

Q: What are their favorite activities, where do they find the time?

A: Sharath - love blogging, tries to answer questions more, better contact for the person

Barbel - only became active a few months ago; a community member suggested to her that she blog; getting encouragement

Matt - saw that other people may need, and it is not documented anywhere

Matt - in the missions for the fun; didn't think beyond that; growth of reputation was organic

Q: Benefits of building reputation?

A: Barbel: Try to focus on sharing; likes interacting with online global communities

Matt: met people in the community

Sharath: humbling to connect to community, opportunity to learn more and network

Q: Recommendations?

A: Barbel - read rules of engagement and follow them. Read blog post/topic and interact with it

Sharath - look through network to see if content is there already; be respectful in approach with community

Matt - treat people nicely; it will grow organically

Community Calls: https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/x/4KjnH
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