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Community Administrator
Community Administrator

This month we will have our "open call" again and focus on some updates from the SAP Community with new topic pages available and new tags (hence new content coming) - we are inviting anyone and everyone to join the call. Having a question but can't join go ahead and post it here and we'll be sure to bring it up! Oh and if you want a jump on things there could be a new announcement during the call.

Here are the details for joining the next one:


Time: April 23, 2020 19:00 PM CEST Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna 


Recording: https://anchor.fm/sap-community-report/episodes/April-2020---Live-Community-Chat-eda5h9/a-a21pm0f

Contest: https://blogs.sap.com/2020/04/27/sap-community-coding-challenge-nr.2/


Dial in to listen in and/or speak up, not able to join but have a question to ask, feel free to comment here or even ask one of the SAP Champions, Developer Advocates, SAP Technology Ambassadors or SAP Mentors to raise it on your behalf.


Chat Transcript

19:03:21 From Svea Becker : https://community.sap.com/events
19:03:43 From Svea Becker : Tonight are SAP Stammtisch Vienna and SAP Stammtisch Wroclaw (meet-up)
19:05:46 From Jerry Janda : May 9 is correct
19:06:09 From Jim Spath : Dapper dan.
19:06:20 From Jerry Janda : May 16 is the book club.
19:06:21 From Nil Peksen : Coen Brothers ๐Ÿ™‚
19:07:18 From Jerry Janda : https://answers.sap.com/articles/13034095/weekend-movie-club-o-brother-where-art-thou.html
19:07:19 From Nabheet Madan : hello everyone
19:07:46 From Mynyna : Hi Nabheet ๐Ÿ™‚
19:07:49 From Jerry Janda : https://answers.sap.com/articles/13006939/weekend-book-club-to-the-land-of-long-lost-friends.html
19:09:18 From Jerry Janda : I believe Monday
19:09:24 From Jerry Janda : Is when the post goes up
19:09:41 From Jerry Janda : @mynyna, is that right?
19:11:16 From David RB : hi everybody!
19:11:35 From Svea Becker : Hey David, hope all is good with you ๐Ÿ™‚
19:11:36 From Nil Peksen : Hi David ๐Ÿ™‚
19:11:59 From Mynyna : RE Jerry: Correct. Monday, you'll see the post for the coding challenge
19:14:24 From Jim Spath : <chirp>
19:15:22 From Tammy's iPad : Iโ€™m sorry to hear that, Jim
19:16:35 From Nabheet Madan : 5 months?
19:16:37 From Tammy's iPad : Love / favorite food is Kansas City barbecue - but I canโ€™t make it ๐Ÿ™‚
19:16:51 From Jim Spath : So many memes so little time!
19:17:04 From Svea Becker : LOL-... Five weeksโ€ฆ feels like 5 months!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
19:17:10 From Michelle Crapo : Ahhh but lots of people have time...
19:17:33 From Mahesh kumar Palavalli : ๐Ÿ˜„
19:18:40 From Michelle Crapo : We have limited shopping lost of empty shelves.
19:18:59 From Tammy's iPad : My brother sent me a picture of blueberry rolls he made..never heard of it but looked yummy
19:19:01 From Mahesh kumar Palavalli : MR Robot
19:19:12 From Marisa Sepulveda : We have a dedicated channel for Cooking in our team and I have done a Tapas presentation hahahah
19:19:23 From Nabheet Madan : moneyhwist
19:19:26 From Jim Spath : We just watched The Producters (remake). Movies mainly, few TV shows.
19:19:33 From Marisa Sepulveda : Mr Robot too - only the first season
19:19:33 From Thomas Jung : https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28973557/the-last-dance-updates-untold-story-michael-jordan-chic...
19:19:34 From Douglas Kuchler : I enjoyed the Together@Home global music presentation last weekend....
19:19:43 From Nabheet Madan : silicon valley any time
19:19:51 From Marisa Sepulveda : I am with my backlog of Better Call Saul now...
19:20:00 From Tammy's iPad : I donโ€™t own a TV but been watching old Office shows on YouTube
19:20:00 From Nabheet Madan : nice
19:20:17 From Nabheet Madan : the Vikings is also nice
19:20:21 From Jim Spath : Hold on. Family member wants to join.
19:20:29 From Michelle Crapo : As a family we are watch virtual racing. (Nascar)
19:20:34 From David RB : i am cooking right now a "tortilla de patatas".... TV series "Mr Robot"
19:20:36 From Mahesh kumar Palavalli : 9gag ๐Ÿ˜„
19:20:44 From Michelle Crapo : Who would think we'd watch that... Not me.
19:21:40 From Nabheet Madan : not all shows are available in all regions that is the sad part
19:21:53 From Marisa Sepulveda : You expend 2 hours looking many things but nothing at the same time - at least the only time I used this is what I did
19:22:08 From Svea Becker : my Kids are watching tiktok as well...
19:22:33 From Svea Becker : And we recently watched "Bosch" on Amazon prime
19:22:58 From Jerry Janda : New season of "Bosch"! Started that myself, Svea. ๐Ÿ™‚
19:23:28 From Svea Becker : Yeah, it was great. We just finished the latest Season yesterday @jerry
19:23:36 From Jerry Janda : Also watching "Westworld" and "What We Do in Shadows" (second season just started).
19:23:38 From Marina Pontjakova : Tell me more about this Bosch
19:24:26 From Marina Pontjakova : I'm watching 10th repeat of Friends when I have time
19:24:39 From Tammy's iPad : @marina - love Friends
19:24:50 From Tammy's iPad : Iโ€™ll wait for the blog....
19:24:54 From Svea Becker : It's a crime series. Really good one. Nice characters, nice stories
19:25:00 From Svea Becker : @marina
19:25:19 From Jerry Janda : Yeah. What Svea said. Some more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosch_(TV_series)
19:25:25 From Tammy's iPad : Iโ€™m still at work - no time for new hobbies...
19:25:33 From Jim Spath : The "breadmakers" make me laugh. I am back to gardening and woodwork.
19:25:43 From Michelle Crapo : Still working.
19:25:56 From Jim Spath : In the words of Homer Simpson: "Beer, now there's a temporary solution!"
19:26:01 From Jerry Janda : https://twitter.com/TheOnion/status/1253032100963508226?s=20
19:26:18 From Svea Becker : I did 1000-piece-puzzles with my daughter
19:26:29 From Svea Becker : Felt like Meditation... ๐Ÿ™‚
19:26:33 From Jim Spath : Also, last haircut? (me, 2 months...)
19:26:46 From Thomas Jung : https://nypost.com/2020/04/01/are-you-drinking-too-much-during-coronavirus-lockdown/
19:26:50 From Tammy's iPad : @Jim - same here, 2+ months past due
19:26:53 From Svea Becker : last haircut? 3 months ๐Ÿ˜‰ @Jim
19:27:34 From Jim Spath : I did shave around the goatee to fit masks better!
19:28:27 From Kati Nonhebel : is surfing the internet and hanging out s hobby?
19:28:30 From Douglas Kuchler : I've started this one this week: https://mooc.house/courses/corship2020/overview
19:29:07 From Mahesh kumar Palavalli : @Nabheet also started live streaming
19:29:26 From Kati Nonhebel : listening to music, watching Netflix, walking the dog, drinking, cooking
19:29:33 From Douglas Kuchler : also the new CAP course on OpenSAP
19:29:55 From Marisa Sepulveda : I have small children, I am mastering the "patience" skill
19:30:10 From Kati Nonhebel : and watching sport instead of doing it myself ... hahaha
19:30:51 From Marisa Sepulveda : Some of my colleagues loved one of last session of coding for kids
19:31:11 From Jerry Janda : We have a place for wishes on SAP Community too https://answers.sap.com/articles/12996058/the-virtual-wishing-well-a-thread-for-asking-and-g.html
19:31:25 From Nabheet Madan : we are having good interactions with all. well done?
19:32:15 From Tammy's iPad : Problem with last breakout rooms - I wanted to be in all rooms!
19:32:22 From Marisa Sepulveda : That'll be cool!
19:32:34 From Nabheet Madan : +1
19:32:43 From Svea Becker : @Marisa: about the "patience"... I got back to daily meditation since 5 weeks...
19:33:12 From Tammy's iPad : sounds good
19:33:55 From Jim Spath : Kennel room.
19:33:58 From Marisa Sepulveda : @svea - That sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚
19:34:07 From Mynyna : cooking room
19:34:15 From Nil Peksen : OMG DAVID !!!
19:34:29 From Marisa Sepulveda : hahahahaha a cooking challenge sounds good too
19:34:33 From Tammy's iPad : baking room!
19:34:46 From Tammy's iPad : cool
19:34:46 From Marisa Sepulveda : ohhhh
19:34:48 From Jim Spath : Galley.
19:35:03 From Mynyna : I could definintely need some baking lessons...
19:36:30 From Tammy's iPad : Iโ€™m suddenly very hungry
19:36:49 From Mynyna : I want cake now!
19:36:57 From Marisa Sepulveda : great!
19:36:57 From Jim Spath : Jewish Apple cake (not my product) uploaded.
19:37:19 From Douglas Kuchler : an amazing italian cake
19:37:34 From Michelle Crapo : Your cakes are awesome.
19:37:58 From Douglas Kuchler : I like this mentoring idea, I know is available internally for SAP employees: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6658747150534483968/

I think something similar to that could be made available for/by/to the larger SAP community ...
19:38:15 From Svea Becker : the writings on the cake are very professional
19:39:34 From Jim Spath : St. George
19:40:34 From Michelle Crapo : Kindle
19:41:17 From Marisa Sepulveda : My aunt sent me a virtual rose and book card this morning. I am from Spain although I live in Ireland.
19:42:10 From Jim Spath : "I VOTED!"
19:43:25 From Jerry Janda : thomas.jung, your background is killing me ๐Ÿ™‚
19:43:28 From Jim Spath : I'm on my 43 Twitter stay-home music poll.
19:43:32 From Nil Peksen : Today is also Childrenโ€™s day in Turkey. I am mostly staying at mute because of neighbors screaming and celebrating noisy kids ๐Ÿ™‚
19:43:49 From Jim Spath : /43rd/
19:44:13 From Tammy's iPad : I was on the MIT mailing list
19:44:24 From Tammy's iPad : I think 1997
19:45:10 From Audrey Stevenson : Wow Tammy
19:45:29 From Marisa Sepulveda : Sorry guys, my little rascals are demanding fully attention, I need to prioritize. Great session, I enjoyed very much and I'll try to use the camera/voice next session. Bye folks!
19:45:49 From Jim Spath : CompuServe here.
19:46:00 From Svea Becker : bye, marisa
19:46:26 From Nil Peksen : My first e-mail domain was dmx.de which was so popular in those times ๐Ÿ™‚
19:48:21 From Jim Spath : I found a bug report from 1995 with my County Library dial-up ID in the program xbmbrowser.
19:48:53 From Jim Spath : Adios all!
19:49:08 From Michelle Crapo : Great time! bye.
19:49:16 From Nil Peksen : Thank you all, have a great night!
19:49:17 From Tammy's iPad : adios!