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Dear SAP Community,

Nothing is constant but change and today I´d like to share that Jeanne Carboni is leaving the Community Experience team on April 1 to pursue another opportunity in the SAP family. Jeanne has been with this team since October 2010, in many ways shaping the culture of the SAP Community we know today. Under her leadership SCN grew from 19 to 25.4 million unique visitors a year, making it the most visited SAP digital property.

SAP Community is THE place to have conversations with other SAP professionals, and that will not change! In the social and digital economy, community becomes an even more strategic asset, not just for a company, but also for the members, customers and partners. A strong community is a competitive advantage for an entire ecosystem.

To ensure business continuity for this critical function I have asked Gali Kling Schneider to take over the responsibility for the Community Experience team as the interim lead, while we are recruiting to backfill Jeanne’s position. Gali is no stranger to the team or the SAP Community, she has been in this space for almost 10 years and is a trusted and respected leader in the area of community management. She´s been instrumental in establishing the formal moderation processes and governance that make SCN one of the best run communities on the planet. I could not think of a better person to lead the team through this transition and am personally excited about working with her in this capacity.

We have an exciting year ahead of us, with the launch of the new community experience and a strong belief in the opportunity for the SAP Community to be a very strategic driver for a world class SAP Experience!

Please join me in thanking Jeanne for her contributions to the SAP Community and wishing her all the best for her new role in the SAP presales organization where she´ll lead enablement programs for SAP Solution Engineers. Community does not know organizational borders, its glue is passion. There is no doubt that Jeanne has a lot of passion for the SAP Community so we are counting on her not to be a stranger! Please also join me in thanking Gali for stepping up to lead the team in this critical part of our journey towards the next generation SAP Community!

Warm regards,