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Following my blog My first year with SAP Mentors where I shared my experience with working in the SAP Mentors Program I am in my new role for almost an half a year. The new role is called the 'support of the Community driven events' but 'support' - what does that mean? Let me try to explain:

SAP provide the platform to exchange blog posts, questions and answers and knowledge virtually: the SAP Community. The events were an idea that go beyond this: Why not meeting in person? As an outcome, the SAP Community events like SAP Inside Tracks (SIT) and SAPStammtisch (*remark: German phrase which means ‘regulars table ‘) has been founded. These are grassroots events, an informal coming together to share knowledge and a possibility to meet people to exchange your experience with and completely organized and hosted by community members. But with our platform SAP Community, you are able to list your event, to administrate it and also promote it via an SAP Community blog post. Most of the community members are already within the community for years and very well experienced in hosting a SIT and do not need much support (here I would like to highlight sitNL who had their 10th anniversary this year - congrats! ?)

But I am here to support them and the new ones. Yes, there are still new regions who are going to have their very first SAP Inside Track. It is fabulous to see the SAP Community growing. For example, this year Phillip Liegl and Johann Fössleitner decided to host their first SAP Inside Track in Vienna in November. SAP helped them promoting it via a SAP Community blog as well as via social media (#sitVIE).

Overview map of SAP Inside Track 2018


Another important point is, that SAP offers monetary support for hosting a SIT. We are sponsoring an SAP Inside Track yearly with 500 EUR. For getting advantage of it, please get in contact with svea.becker as soon as you are planning your SIT but at least 6 weeks prior to the event.

And finally, SAP can also bring you together with well experienced community members - and therefore, we founded a new institution: the sitCOUNCIL.

The sitCOUNCIL is a group which is put together with SAP community members to support the community, SAP and other people who are interested in organizing an SAP Inside Track or any other community event. It is available to consult, assist and help on open questions anyone might have. What was the initial idea behind founding such a group? We were realizing that the SAP Inside Tracks grew a lot in the last years and we thought it would be good to have a group with experienced community members to help other communities to build up, to improve their events or to bring new ideas and to explore new regions. We also want to encourage and support the community to help themselves. SAP steps in here to bring the sitCOUNCIL together, to set up regularly meetings, to build the bridge and so on.

Important to mention is that the sitCOUNCIL wants to consult. So, if there are any questions or ideas on a SIT, please get reach out to the sitCOUNCIL. Other goals are:

  • to bring more diversity into SITs

  • to include some soft skill components at SITs

  • to spread the message about community events to get new community members

One of the first action items is that the sitCOUNCIL is starting with "spread the message" about community driven events. We are going to attend several SITs and choose the opportunity to introduce the sitCOUNCIL as well as give more information about resources, support and tools to the broader audience.

If you are interested in getting in contact with the sitCOUNCIL, please reach out to svea.becker. And choose the opportunity to explore either our new Event page in the SAP community or directly our new SAP Inside Track page.

So there have been a lot of changes and advances within the SAP Community events in the past months, and not only for me personally. But I realized since I left the SAP Mentors program, that stepping out of your comfort zone isn't always bad. It even helps you growing and perceiving your comfort zone is extending. When I look back I observed that I went beyond my personal comfort zone more often than before, and I can tell you, it was a great experience. Being one year with SAP Mentors was a great start and it helped me so much getting a feeling what the SAP Community is about. I am very happy that I can still meet them at the community driven events as well as the larger events like Sapphire and SAP TechEd. And finally, I learnt that being an active community member helps you to move forward, helps you to extend your network and to be part of a great "family".